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Zamora Alert vs Crime

During the past few days, Senator Mario Zamora of Cobbler has been very active, making visits to political conversions in…

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During the past few days, Senator Mario Zamora of Cobbler has been very active, making visits to political conversions in favor of the gubernatorial candidates of the PRI, PAN and PRD coalitions, but he encourages them to take measures to combat organized crime that day. also give warnings. of election.

Mario has now been in Tamaulipas supporting César “El Truco” Verastegui, and later gave a press conference where he said that Sinaloa was an example of interference by armed groups in last year’s election, where Wednesday and Sunday In between he picked up more than one. Thousands of people to neutralize them, not to participate in the competition.

The State Electoral Institute of Sinaloa ruled against the lawsuit he filed, then took it not to the criminal courts, but to the leader of the PAN, Marco Cortés; From the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, and from the PRD, Jess Zambrano, took her in some documents that they gave to the OAS and the United States Department of State. Apparently they were stored there.

Sinaloa and the entire 2021 contest is a fair affair and now the opposition coalition is facing adversity in at least 5 of the 6 states where elections will be held, their candidates are down in the polls and there is a good chance that They will lose.

Potpourri. The lawsuit between the Federal Electricity Commission and Iberdrola now extends to Sinaloa, particularly to Choacahui in Ahom, as CFE is suing the Spanish electricity company in international courts for an amount of $185.5 million, which is worth 4 billion pesos. Is equal. and breach of contracts.

It turns out that the Topolobampo 3 combined cycle power plant was not completed and incorporated into the electrical system in time, and it also did not use the labor and funding agreed with the federal government. Now with the new electricity law they are refusing to include it and will have to wait for the verdict in the international trial.

In addition, Iberdrola could also face tax fraud lawsuits from SAT after it sold and invoiced electricity to large companies in Nuevo León because self-consumption contracts are illegal.

prey? Following the dismissal of former Health Secretary Hector Melecio Cuen, a series of speculations arose, that just as Governor Rubén Rocha or his political operative, the government’s secretary general, Enrique Inzunza, would be going to order a witch hunt in all dependencies of the government, Which can be extended to municipalities, to exclude all officials belonging to the PAS, although there are no high-ranking PAS members.

Even more so, that they may launch an all-out war to save the Autonomous University of Sinaloa from the control of the Cuen and the PAS, in order to take away a substantial portion of the political force they held captive.

For now, yesterday, Angelica Diaz de Cuen resigned as the representative of the Ministry of Health in the structure of the DIF.

Book. “A Brief Political History of Sinaloa, Ahom and Los Mochis”, is a book edited and promoted by Carlos Diaz de León.

“I presented an initiative for electronic voting”, Senator Mario Zamora

Zamora Alert vs Crime

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