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Yesenia’s mother crying, journalist killed in Veracruz

In Veracruz.- Minatitlán and on the faces of the thermometer marked 28 degrees Relatives of Yesenia Molinedo Falconi Fatigue was…

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In Veracruz.- Minatitlán and on the faces of the thermometer marked 28 degrees Relatives of Yesenia Molinedo Falconi Fatigue was noticeable.

Extreme temperatures and unfavorable environment in front of media in the South Veracruzcaused journalist’s sleep It was dark and desolate.

two days are counted from Yesenia was murdered with Sheila Johanna Garcia OliveiraFor the digital medium the time came for Camerawoman, El Veraz, and the funeral.

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This Wednesday, May 11, at about 10:45 a.m., relatives and colleagues of journalists drove into the back of a truck carrying Yesenia’s body in the Hidalgo Pantheon, to say goodbye to him amid tears and despair.

Hidalgo Pantheon activists carry the coffin of Yesenia Molinedo, a journalist murdered with Sheila Joanna García in Kosolacak / Photo: Yahir Ceballos / Alianza de Medios MX

murder of journalists It was published and commented on internationally, but only no more than 20 people reached the municipal pantheon.

Fear of organized crime is rampant in the region Minatitlan and Kosoliac Yesenia and Johanna are prevented from being fired by some of their relatives, because “they fear being attacked.”

Yesenia’s mother did not mind this. Their youngest daughter was murdered a day before celebrating Mother’s Day and a few days after she confessed to fears of being attacked by criminals.

The woman went hand in hand with her children into a three-meter pit, which was specially built to store Yesenia’s relics.

The urgency of events forced her to wake up in front of her daughter’s coffin these days and her health deteriorated.

Today, in front of her children and grandchildren, she asks for support by touching the wooden box that contains Yesenia’s relics.

In doing so, she could not contain herself and cried out: “Daughter, you have left me very alone. I love you. May the light of God shine upon you. Goodbye my mother My baby”. After this there was silence.

The compassionate cry of the mother embraced the place and for a moment the woman lay in her son’s lap.

At the time, he had forgotten that, since Yesenia and Johanna had been murdered, unknown subjects on a motorcycle disturbed his house and received calls from unknown numbers.

This situation stuns them. Fear counts you and they fear for their lives.

Yesenia’s brother and journalist Ramiro Molinedo said he would continue his informational work.

According to official figures, Yesenia and Johanna became the 10th and 11th deaths of journalists killed nationwide. Of those 11, three were registered in Veracruz.

Although Yesenia’s family has been very open about her murder, Sheila Johanna is quite the opposite.

Minutes later and away from Yesenia, despite the fact that they had public relations, the body of the camerawoman arrived.

Yesenia was with the three most important people to her: her children, aged six, 11 and 15.
He gave his last farewell to his mother by hugging the relatives.

Relations with them flourished since Johanna worked at El Veraz and they enjoyed going to the movies together.
Johanna broke away from alcoholism in journalism, but her dream fell into disrepair about six months after she started.

Like Yesenia, the funeral lasted no more than half an hour. His family remained silent and did not testify.
Outside the Pantheon, life goes on. Flowers and food stalls invite you to shop. It’s a normal scenario for them, though it’s a stormy start to the week for Molinedo and Garcia.

The governor of Veracruz, Cuitlahuac García, along with the state’s attorney general, Verónica Hernández Giadance, said the killing of the two journalists would not be spared.

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The prosecutor’s office announced that it was working on four lines of investigation, two of them suggested first by signs at the site of the events, which have been investigated by the institution itself and second by its journalistic activity.

The dome of the gym at IPN’s Zacatenco unit collapsed; no injuries reported

Yesenia’s mother crying, journalist killed in Veracruz

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