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Xavier supports work

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.—Javier Fernando Hernández Nova, who said he was originally from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, is a graduate of clinical…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.—Javier Fernando Hernández Nova, who said he was originally from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, is a graduate of clinical biologist chemistry degree; However, he decided to give himself some time. support work to one community called New Creation,

The young businessman explained that he is from a Christian community and is doing aid work with the sale of certain products, as it is a service he provides from the heart and with the belief that it is a right to his advantage. is work. Community.

“We are working for the Ministry of New Creation in this city of Los Mochis, we are dedicated to selling a variety of products, such as hard and get loaves.”

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He specified that they are a group of 10 people who come from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora with the aim of providing assistance to the members of the above community.

“We go out three days a week to sell, but we dedicate a day to creating products. We do this in the premises of the ministry. It is something that we do with pleasure. We work for an average of five hours a day and later other tasks are assigned to them as per their needs,” he insisted.

They finance themselves to travel

The young merchant told that in order to travel from one city to another, he had to make such sales, because in this way he cooperated with his Christian organization and from there he received a percentage of the profit.

“We are 10 missionaries who are in the city now and together we do this work. We visit many cities and depending on their needs, we carry out various activities to raise funds for the cleaning work,” he stressed.

they are passing on their mission

“We will be here in this city for about 20 days, and then we will go to the city of Culiacán to do the same support tasks, because we are here to fulfill these tasks that we do with great desire and love for God, “He insisted.

Javier recognized that sales are not easy, because you have to be patient because many people ignore them and see them badly; However, their mission is more important, which is to support the members of their organization.

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“Blessed Lord, it is worth making sacrifices to support those who need us, in this case the members of our new Ministry of Construction Guild,” he emphasized.

In the same sense, he assured that, after completing his professional career, what he is doing is a good job that brings him great personal satisfaction, as well as representing a great help to those who undertake these tasks. does.

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Xavier supports work

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