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written response is missing

They say the mayor of Ahom, Gerardo Vargas Landros, was surprised yesterday by allegations against him that he ignored policemen…

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They say the mayor of Ahom, Gerardo Vargas Landros, was surprised yesterday by allegations against him that he ignored policemen who accused the corporation’s commanders of sexual assault, a case broken down by Agent Dignora Valdez. And it is that legal adviser Victoria Herrera Montano revealed that Vargas Landros has not responded despite being given a letter of almost two months to draw the case to the Commission of Honor and Justice because he does not trust the authorities of this . As the matter revived, the mayor replied that the doors of the Presidency were open to the Dignora Valdez police and that many of his cabinets sided with him. Further, that he does not have the power to bring the case, but he is the honor and justice commission of the corporation, where the process is. Some say that this is what they must have given to the police and the social worker in writing long ago so that there is no shortage. Vargas Landeros also gave a public response yesterday, but it is missing in writing.

Compared to Gerardo Vargas And Jaime Montes will also be taken off the road toward 2024, according to the mayor of Culiacán, Jess Estrada Ferreiro, after the State Congressional Commission of Inquiry answers a political trial that follows him for not obeying the law. . Some believe that the position of the mayor of Culiacán is a “drenched kick” as he is already being sacked. Moreover, he wants to stir water by involving other political actors in the case. For now, the buzz is that Vargas and Montes also weren’t impressed.

wow statement That’s what the leader of the Rastradoras de el Fuerte collective, Myrna Nereida Medina Quinonez, did in the framework of Mother’s Day: that for those who have a missing child or those found dead, it is not to celebrate. The revelation that he has a list of 2,500 disappearances in the eight years since the organization’s formation is shocking. And the account continues because he assures it will continue to happen and he knows that many police officers make young people disappear. So it is fake that it is being investigated and a lot is outstanding. Mirna has been recognized for almost nothing by civil society organizations and even by the government, as recently as the state Congress.

Teachers, activists and directors of Felipe Bacchomo High School, Charay, El Fuerte, went to the CPC offices in Culiacán to demand payment for their services. Even the officials of the Ministry of Public Education and Culture to defend the institution they are contemplating to close down. In recent days, the school’s director, Julio Baquesgua, swung into action after the problem was made public without receiving any response from the SEPYC officials. They raised a noise in Kuliakan. They are not alone: ​​the Rafael Ramírez school in Culiacán is in a similar situation, and they also joined the movement. Make a union.

written response is missing

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