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Worst events by unit in 2022

Guadalajara Jalisco. , State of Baja Californiamichoacan, Guanajuato, Puebla and GuerreroHuh Mexican entities where the most “atrocious” incidents were recordedsuch…

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Guadalajara Jalisco. , State of Baja Californiamichoacan, Guanajuato, Puebla and GuerreroHuh Mexican entities where the most “atrocious” incidents were recordedsuch as genocide, lynching, torture, burning, child murder, circumcision, among other high-impact crimes from January to April 2022.

The bloodiest events are recorded day by day, with the most “horror” being the Nota Rosa of the Mexican media, however, the Casa en Comón organization, collecting them from year to year, to show them. Violence at its peak in the country: “Atrocities and high-impact incidents”.

,Horror Gallery: Media-recorded atrocities and high-impact incidents 2022”, a research work distinct from official figures, carried out through a registry of journalistic notes from the media across the country.

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According to civil union data, during the first quarter of the year, a total of 1,670 journalistic notes on incidents that could be classified as “atrocities” were analyzed, with a total of 1,940 cases of atrocities and 3,550 victims,

Torture across Mexico between January and April 2022. Screenshot

With regard to the data, the association emphasizes that this is not an official figure, furthermore that the study is consistent with the notes reported by the media, so there may be variations in the data, emphasizing that What matters in your study is analysis About acts of violence occurring in Mexico.

By reference, an association specializing in human rights and protection classifies it as a tyranny.Deliberate use of physical force to cause death, injury, or extreme abuseTo cause the death of a large number of persons, to cause the death of vulnerable persons or persons of political interest and/or to incite terror”.

After defining “torture”, the group classified 19 acts that have been committed to harm the Mexican population: Kill. secret pit. Mutilate, break and destroy corpses. Calcination. torture. murder of children and adolescentsThe first is six.

Killing of women with extreme brutality. Killing of rights defenders. Journalists killed. Killing of people from vulnerable groups. Murder of political actors. Murder of officers and related actors in security matters. There are twelve with them.

Terrorism. Lynching furious violation. slavery and trafficking. Attempted lynching. Violence against migrants. Violent acts between criminal groups or against power or mobs. This being a total of 19.

In the case of Baja California, it recorded 158 cases of torture, torture with 70 cases, mutilation and dismemberment with 30 victims and feminism with 25 cases of extreme violence, the main reported by media in the Mexican Northwest. dastardly act.

Michoacan ranks first national in genocide with 25 cases, followed by Guanajuato and Zacatecas with 14 cases each; Another region in which Michoacán ranks first and Guanajuato is second in torture cases with 46 and 43 respectively.

Jalisco only shows a “red flag”, in reference to the color used by the article, to highlight the highest numbered entities in the category, being the region of Jalisco andl Third place in the murder of children and adolescents in eight cases, The first place is Michoacan with 17 and the state of Mexico with 14, second. There are a total of 75 atrocities in Jalisco.

In the states where half of atrocities have been reported, Nayarits with six; Coahuila with eight; Aguascalientes with 13, Mexico City with 14 and Yucatan with 15.

In the case of Sinaloa, it is no different in any statistic and the atrocities that were committed the most in this first quarter were Torture and female-murder with extreme cruelty with cases 27 and 10respectively.

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It should be noted that in the case of terrorAt least four incidents were recorded in the country, two in Baja California, one in Nuevo León and the other in Veracruz, without specifying the incident and only the definition of terrorism given in that article remains.

“Extreme violence to spread terror, to attack the physical and emotional integrity of the population, to attack national security, or to commit acts against goods or services through the use of toxic substances, chemical weapons, biological or similar radioactive material, nuclear material, explosives, firearms or any other violent means”.

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