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Work cost increased by 10% due to increase in diesel in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- 10% increase in the total cost of the work added to both public and private last monthin Sinaloa, as…

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Sinaloa.- 10% increase in the total cost of the work added to both public and private last monthin Sinaloa, as a result of this increase in the price of inputs how is it diesel case who lives in the sky.

Emilio Contreras Mendoza, president of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) Central Zone, condoled the increase in the price of this fuel, as it rose from 25 to 25.50 without falling due to the decrease in the month of March. Until now.

Despite the fact that diesel shortages are regular at gas stations, Contreras Mendoza said the price was high and there is no hope of going down in the short term.

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“Since things go up here, things don’t go down now, we are around 25 to 25.50 pesos per liter, which is about 10 per cent that fuel moved here in the month of March, but now it’s not only its The shortcoming was that its cost went up,” he reiterated.

He clarified that as a result of the continuous increase in inputs, builders have chosen to include in the tender the current prices of the materials, a position for which the renters are most affected, and builders are allowed only those works. in those already contracted.

he specified that The use of diesel in construction is in high demand in earthquake worksBut it depends on the type of work that is done and if it uses more number of machinery.

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