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Women would win in Mexican baseball

Coral Gables, Fla. (VIP-wire). “Daddy God made Adam first, because that’s how you learn to spoil”… La Pimpi.- Today Tuesday…

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Coral Gables, Fla. (VIP-wire). “Daddy God made Adam first, because that’s how you learn to spoil”… La Pimpi.-

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Culiacán’s Alfonso Ramírez asks…: “Mexican women have produced excellent results as football players. You. Do you think they will be successful in baseball as well?”

Foncho mate…: Women can do so much better and better, whatever we do, even play baseball. Of course, baseball requires more skill than football, meaning it is much more difficult. But I believe they can, both in Mexico and in any other country. They just need to take case training.

Calabzo’s Pedro D. Luc A asks…: “Which has been the Major League stadium with the most records set by both teams and players, and what do you think about defense aside?”.

Amigo PeDé…: That’s Yankee Stadium… and I think that strategy is called Shift which is interesting. They are the resources that provide the game and its rules.

Hermosillo to Jose L. Garibaldi Jade asks…: “Are the Reds’ poor starts because of the players, bad direction or bad attitude of the players?”.

Amigo Cheché…: Logically, the roster was weakened and manager David Bell is not Sparky Anderson. Now, players make every effort to win, even if it is nearly impossible, as evidenced by the current record of 5-23, which is the worst among 30 teams. But better seasons will come, what can I tell you.

Guadalajara’s Romualdo Leone G asks…: “Who was the main hitter for the Reds last year?”

Amigo Romo…: Nick Castellanos batted for 309, 34 home runs, 100 RBI, and Jesse Winker, 305, 24 and 71. Castellanos now plays with the Phillies, and Winker with the Mariners.

Ali Caldera of San Mateo thinks…: “What Shohei Ohtani did is better than what Babe Ruth did. Baseball has changed. In the deadball era, there was no need to use any player as a pitcher.” The position was dropped, and there were some who reached 15 home runs in a year.

Caracas’s Duilio Pizzagalli asks…: “On what date did Ronald Acuna stop playing last year?”

Amigo Yiyo… on July 10 when he suffered an injury that kept him inactive until a few days ago.

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