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Women outnumber men in alcohol poisoning in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The There has been an increase in the consumption of alcohol among women. like him number of acute intoxicants,…

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Sinaloa.- The There has been an increase in the consumption of alcohol among women. like him number of acute intoxicants, which has crossed over to the masculine gender. According to information from the Federal Ministry of Health, 157 of the 294 cases of acute overcrowding presented as of April 30 are related to the female sector.


Till date, cases of poisoning in women place the state of Sinaloa in 3rd place at national level, Just below the state of Mexico, with 188 cases, and Jalisco, with 227.

Over the same period, but in 2021, 122 of the 227 cases of acute alcohol intoxication were related to the female sector, a number that placed the entity at number two nationally, just below Jalisco, with 155 cases.

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Eric Montoya González, administrator of the Culiacan Red Cross, acknowledged that alcohol consumption among women has increased, which is reflected in the services provided at the institution.

“Yes, the consumption of alcoholic beverages among women has also been different, as it was earlier. We are on the verge of exceeding the consumption by almost the same figure in both sexes because of alcohol levels”, he expressed.

Cases treated along the grounds of Gabriel Leva Solano Boulevard, he announced, have increased month by month, as well as the pre-hospital care provided for the cause.

He said that the record of attention given to the meritorious institution is increasing, with the 15 attentions received in January, 23 cases were reported in February; In March it stood with 22 and in April it attended to 31 cases.

“Earlier, the figures of cases among men were much higher. Today we are almost at par; We are almost equal,” he said.

In these cases, he assures, women who present an acute picture of intoxication are almost taken to a sedation facility.

“The patient gets drunk, almost faints, because of the alcohol level in his blood. Throwing up. Uploaded by the same friends. And even more so on weekends, which is when (numbers) the highest here increases,” he repeated.

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case of difference

According to the Ministry of Health, as of 30 April 2022, 294 acute alcohol intoxications have been recorded in the institution, of which 157 are in women.

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country level positions

To date, Sinaloa ranks third in these cases, just behind the state of Mexico, with 188 intoxicants, and Jalisco, with a record 227.

To understand…

alcohol consumption is on the rise

The administrator of the Kuliacan Red Cross recognized the increase in alcohol consumption and the increase in the number of cases of acute intoxication as a reason, especially on weekends, when women are almost sedated to receive care. In addition to the cases on Gabriel Leyva Solano Boulevard, the eligible institution is treated by paramedics at locations other than the grounds.

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Women outnumber men in alcohol poisoning in Sinaloa

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