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With this concept-car, Rombo hopes to be the electric Scenic of the future – People Online

As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe 2040 and all over the world 2050, renault Introduced…

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As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe 2040 and all over the world 2050, renault Introduced its new concept-car renault visual sight on top change now from Paris,

renault sightseeing

this model The Rombo range is anticipated to be a 100% electric family vehicle of the future. It also symbolizes Renault’s commitment continuous development and, at the same time, show your plan Decarbonize its entire life cycle,

The concept car is the result of a careful exercise in design and aesthetic decisions. Its design anticipates future possibilities for the Renault vehicle range. The exterior reflects the shape and style of a new family model, which will be marketed as 2024.

renault sightseeing

Its interior design is a prospective study of the Renault cabins of the future. Its hybrid engine, powered by electricity and hydrogen At the same time, it reflects the company’s desire to find answers to all uses and is part of a vision for a future that goes beyond 2030.

From a technical point of view this car invites according to the company, “To travel to another era, to a future in which technologies and innovations will be at the service of a more sustainable world that respects the environment and people”.

renault sightseeing

“All our corporate commitments are not enough if we do not implement them on our vehicles. That’s why I asked the Renault teams to design the first concept car that fully embodies our new strategy and its three pillars: Environment, Safety and Inclusion. We call it Scenic Vision. Visible, our iconic ‘Car to Live In’ and vision as it matches the new expectations of the people”summarized luca de mayoCEO of the Renault Group and the Renault Brand.

The design of the Renault Scenic Vision is “ecological” and with innovations in the field of circular economy, including more 70% recycled materials (many closed circuits) and a . with 95% of reusable material.

renault sightseeing

Its hybrid engine is intended to reduce downtime for energy recharging, as well as reduce its carbon footprint, including that of the battery. concept car register Zero emissions in its manufacture and exhaustand reduces 75% Its carbon footprint compared to that of a conventional electric vehicle.

Integrated technologies provide enhanced safety for the driver and passengers, reducing the number of accidents 70%. . more information on



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