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With Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

Mother’s Day is so generous that even those who don’t have it celebrate. Floreston. There is no doubt that López…

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Mother’s Day is so generous that even those who don’t have it celebrate. Floreston.

There is no doubt that López Obrador maintains his unpredictability, which I only confirmed yesterday when he surprisingly announced that if Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela do not attend the US summit in Los Angeles next month If I do, neither does that, which I did not do. come see..

And it is that the day after their meeting in Havana, on Sunday, with Presidents Miguel Diaz-Canel and Ral Castro, yesterday morning they asked them about their presence at that continental meeting, if those governments did not go, and they Revealed:
We’re still going to define what our position will be if we attend the summit because we’re proposing that no one should be excluded, and suddenly he said: I’m going to tell you ahead of time, If everyone is not invited I will not go, I will send a representative of the Mexican government. But he left out the possibility of reaching an agreement as there is still time, a month, for the summit. This coincides with what a White House spokeswoman announced yesterday, that invitations have not yet been issued, but contrary to what Deputy Secretary of State Brian Nichols reiterated yesterday, that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela Governments are out of meeting.

The statement puts President López Obrador aside, three dictatorships, and not the rest of the democracy in the hemisphere, it was read yesterday in Washington.

We will see the consequences of this conditioning of the President of Mexico because if he prevails, it will cost him more than his personal views, who, before Joe Biden, is the President of the United States and above all, and worse for Mexico, In election time.


1. Frequent.- Ambassador Ken Salazar will be given the Frequent Visitors Badge at the National Palace. Yesterday, after Lopez Obrador challenged Joe Biden, he was allowed to go to his office and the issue was his conditioning to attend the summit of America. He didn’t say anything when he left

2. Sent.- They arrived in Mexico, sent by President Biden, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics Affairs, Todd Robinson, and Serena Hoy, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. His statement indicates that he has come to highlight the urgent need for measures against the production and smuggling of fentanyl. The 4-T strategy isn’t quite as convincing for the White House and those many visits; You

3. Disclosure.- The publication by El País of the material of the DNV Company’s third expert opinion on the root cause of Line 12’s collapse disqualified Claudia Sheinbaum and accused her of illegalities and conflicts of interest. This latest report points to supervision and maintenance as the root cause of the collapse, as did previous ones pointed to by design and construction. The head of government said she would make it public today. let’s watch.

See you tomorrow, but alone.

With Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

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