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Wine, watches and whiskey: luxury becomes a refuge in times of economic uncertainty

Due to the economic instability, many large investors choose stable products. thus, luxury It has become a market that has…

By admin , in news , at May 8, 2022

Due to the economic instability, many large investors choose stable products. thus, luxury It has become a market that has gained strength in recent times. money report -A reputed report prepared by the consultancy luxury investment indexBy Knight Frank – Presents a Unique Perspective on FundsInvestment and global trends.

study shows that Wine, Watches and Whiskey They will be the three main luxury investment properties in Spain and around the world during this year.

Spanish wine attracts

In the case of luxury wines, Knight Frank points to strong international demand as one factor that favors handsome at the national level as well. Thus, its cost has increased by an average of 16% as compared to the previous year. Plus, as a producer of some of the best wines in the world, the best Spanish wine prices to think this increasing demand.

« There has been a new wave of investment in the wine market, some of them driven by macroeconomic factors, such as concerns by inflation, because the wine is supposed to be the topping. but also from more local factors, such as a lack of supply due to weather conditions, especially frost, and problems with the supply chain», explains Miles Davis, data provider on Wine Owners.

watch industry

luxury investment index Puts luxury watches in a similar position to wines, at 16%. Besides, it’s yours best results in this index for 4 years. In fact, the total number of watches sold last year was €490 millionHong Kong is the most traded city, followed by Geneva and New York.

“Independent Chowkidar dominated headlines in 2021, in which record For watches by George Daniels, Roger Smith, Christian Klings and Philippe Dufour, “says Sebastian Duthie, CEO of AMR, which compiles watch data for the Knight Frank Index.” However, the Rolex Daytonas showed high rise In general,” emphasizes Duthie.

distinctive whiskey

Another product that has stood out especially during 2021 is the exclusive whiskey, a . with price spike of 9%. According to money report, There are a large number of bottles that reach practically 6.000 Euro, For its part, the most expensive sale was a collection of 4 bottles of the Glenfiddich brand, which sold for more than a million euros. Similarly, reports suggest that investors in whiskey are getting older. young,