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Will Vicente Fernandez’s family sue Pablo Monteiro?

actor and singer Paul Monteiro47 years old and originally from the state of Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico, Stars in controversial bioseries…

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actor and singer Paul Monteiro47 years old and originally from the state of Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico, Stars in controversial bioseries “The Last King: The Son of the People”based on the life of Vicente Fernandez, who was one of the great idols of Mexican music. this tv project Caused the annoyance of the family of “El Charro de Huntitan”.Since it was not approved by him and he tried to block its premiere, arguing that TelevisaUnivision did not have the right to use the name and image of the Patriarch of the Fernandez dynasty.

Pablo Monteiro became a non-person for Donna Cuquita, Vicente Fernandez’s WidowAs well as for his sons Gerardo and Alejandro Fernández, “El Potrillo”. Don Chante’s relatives, apparently, feel betrayed by the actorA close friend of the family for participating in what they call “an illegal series”.

According to television host Gustavo Adolfo Infanto, Pablo Monteiro lost the friendship of one of the most respected families in Mexican music. He said through his YouTube channel that Alejandro Fernandez Contacted Him To Tell Him He Would Never Trust Him Again,

“That Pablo Monteiro had already spoken with Alejandro Fernández and Gerardo, they told him: ‘We thought you were really close to the family, we don’t want to know anything about you, forget about the Fernández family. Go’, each one told him this separately I guess over the phone.

Also, in retaliation for starring in “The Last King: The Son of the People”, The Fernandez family may have banned Pablo Monteiro from the most important palette in the Mexican Republic, According to Gustavo Adolfo Infante, he would not be able to appear in the same location as Alejandro Fernández, “El Potrillo”, otherwise the show would be cancelled.

“Fernández of all the palettes has blocked him, where Alejandro Fernández is going to present himself, Pablo Monteiro can’t go, he vetoed him, threatened and talked to Palenquero, if Pablo Monteiro comes, then There comes the immediate cancellation of Alejandro Fernandez.”

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So far Pablo Monteiro or any member of the Fernández dynasty has commented on this position. in regard of “The Last King: The Son of the People”(series based on the book “The Last King: The Unauthorized Biography of Vicente Fernandez” by Argentine journalist Olga Vornat), The second season will be released on May 16 by Las Estrelas.,

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