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Will rehabilitate 2 police posts in Ahom

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- To follow the schedule Rehabilitation of Police Posts The working committee of Ahom Municipality approved the work…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- To follow the schedule Rehabilitation of Police Posts The working committee of Ahom Municipality approved the work on two more units, which is 10, to achieve the target of the first phase.

The Secretary of Public Works, Urban Planning and Ecology, Jaime Romero Barreras, pointed out that there are already 8 bases in which work has been done but they try to reach as many as possible.

With regard to the accepted two, he specified that about 310 thousand pesos would be invested, since one cost just over 250 thousand pesos and the other more than 80 thousand.

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“The one that is here in front of the nucleus and the other in the Villa d’Ahom, there is an investment between the two of about 5 thousand 310 thousand pesos and with that we have finished the eight sentry boxes and the remodeling of the front sentry box. Esti is going to be recovered from the clinic. In fact, the eviction has already been done and it is being remodeled and it is also being made operational,” he said.

These sentry boxes will be handed over to the Secretary of Public Security and Civil Protection, headed by Julio Cesare Romanillo Montoya, to enable him to activate them with personnel, the municipal official said.

“We can say that in the whole municipality I think there will be about 25 but some are no longer in use because they are no longer in use where they are located and ten of them were saved, so far they are the ones that Requests were made to redeploy Secretary Security,” abound

They request help from Alfonso Durazo to repair the road on the border of Sonora and Sinaloa

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