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Why Miley Cyrus, Puma Rodriguez and other celebrities decided to implement changes to their diet and lifestyle – People Online

reduction in consumption carne Worth seeing in the world. With the intention of protecting the lives of animals, non vegetarian…

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reduction in consumption carne Worth seeing in the world. With the intention of protecting the lives of animals, non vegetarian diet they give way to the type of food plant based You Vegetarian, But part of the medical circle still regards the consumption of meat as a basic step to cover the quota of nutrients that the body needs for its proper functioning. Miley Cyrus And this puma rodriguez They are part of the celebrities who have given up on the vegetarian lifestyle and are accusing them of health problems. Vitamins Provided by Beef,

Cyrus, the Tennessee singer and actress who participated in the final edition of Lollapalooza, opted for a vegan lifestyle in 2013. After an active exacerbation of that lifestyle, Miley opened up about the reasons why she was advised to eat meat seven years later. “I consulted various doctors and nutritionists to have a 100% vegetable diet, but it was not enough for my brain,” he said during an interview.

Bife de chorizo ​​is one of the most popular cuts in Argentina.

Such is the case of Miley Cyrus puma rodriguez: As a result of some health problems that occurred in 2017, doctors asked the Venezuelan singer to resume consuming beef for the benefits it has to the human body.

“I was a vegetarian for 30 years and doctors forced me to eat animal protein because I needed it. The fun part was that after visiting this beautiful country for so many years, on this trip I tried Argentinian meat for the first time and it was fantastic! ,

Beef: National Intake Rate

Beef is one of the foods that, along with alcohol, ranks the country in the world gastronomic ranking. As of 2020 statistics, Argentina was one of the top five producers of beef worldwide and was also one of the main exporters. Due to the type of feed the cattle have (from grasslands and natural pastures), as well as the analysis done by the IPCVA CONICET Considers this type of meat to be of permanent origin.

From the Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef they confirm that a high percentage of society still maintains a balanced diet, which includes equal consumption of meat and vegetables.

Beef provides zinc, protein, B vitamins, iron and essential fats.

“In this sense, 83% of the Argentine population say that a healthy diet is one that provides adequate nutrition without consuming any type of diet or vitamin supplements. If an Argentinean identified as a pure omnivorous Considering the response, this percentage rises to 86%,” he explains.

8 out of 10 Argentines believe that beef is a healthy, nutritious food and maintain a regular intake of it.

Adrian Bifferetti and Eugenia Brusca, who make it internal promotion department Of IPCVAEmphasize that, despite the advancement of a vegetarian diet, a large proportion of the population still regularly consumes meat.

they indicate that 68% of Argentines are pure omnivores and consume products of both animal and plant origin. 25% consider themselves flexitarian (ie: they try to reduce the consumption of all kinds of meat). In the meantime, The remaining 5% identify as vegetarian. And this 2% as vegetarianThis last group is distinguished by choosing a way of life free from products of animal origin and includes a universe beyond food.

Ginette Renal’s case: why did the driver eat meat again?

She was a vegetarian for eight years. In a visit to the program “Nosotros a la Manana” to be broadcast on El Tres, the model warned that she faced complications in the coronavirus photo: that was the main reason she ate meat again.

“I went ten days without eating, I lost ten kilos, I was a rip-off and I got admitted to the hospital. When I started eating, at first I felt like I was eating meat,” he said.

In a survey conducted by IPCVA 1,000 Argentines reveal an important fact: 66% of those surveyed are interested in incorporating healthy foods into their daily diets, which provide them with the nutrients and energy they need according to each individual’s needs and characteristics . Get more information about beef at the official site of Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef. . more information on



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