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Why doesn’t Marjorie de Sousa let Julianne Gill see her son?

What began as a beautiful friendship and then a love affair, culminated in a media battle in court for the…

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What began as a beautiful friendship and then a love affair, culminated in a media battle in court for the support and custody of Matias, who was similar to her. the actors Julian Gill and Marjorie de Sousa He has not only acted in various soap operas but has also acted in One of the most controversial separations between shows,

First, The Venezuelan-born actress managed to get a judge to grant Mattiasi’s custody, According to the soap opera heartthrob, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, her former partner doesn’t allow her to see her son.

Marjorie de Sousa You Julian Gilo They met in 2006 when they worked on the telenovela “Amorcompra” which aired on Univision. Later, they started dating and had a love affair for some time, however, due to some circumstances, they parted ways. “I didn’t feel comfortable with them because of their different personalities,” the actor and businessman commented during an interview for his YouTube channel with Yordi Rosado.

Fate would bring them together again, when they matched in the telenovela “Hasta el fin del mundo”., Gradually they decided to resume their relationship. “Time passed, he gave me some pointers to come back, but I just wanted him as a friend.”

Julianne Gill and Marjorie de Sousa did not end their relationship on good terms. Photo: Mexico Agency

some day, Julian Gill holds a meeting of friends at his apartment, to which he invites Marjorie de Sous, “We started drinking, I got drunk and I woke up with him in bed the next day. After that, days went by, as if nothing happened.” After that meeting, the actress joins the cast of the melodrama “Sueno d’Amor”, where the actor was also there.

Already within the novel, one day Marjorie de Sousa informs Julianne Gill that she is pregnant, The actor took this as a sign that they should be together, so they start dating again. “It was the first time I gave someone an engagement ring, she has to go to Spain to film while she’s pregnant, she comes back when she’s seven months old and it’s my turn to make a film.”

A month before the birth of Matias, the actors moved to live together And soon after, the problems began. Marjorie de Sousa’s mother also lived with him.Who? had a problem with alcoholA situation he disliked, as his parents had died of this addiction, was a very stormy stage for him.

Marjorie de Sousa and Julianne Gilloo break upwhen it started The actor told him how he felt that his mother lived with himAnd bring your alcohol problem home.

I tell her: ‘I can’t be here with your mother, I love Mati, I love you so much, I am ready to move on with this relationship, but I need to submit once again’ is not needed.

Julian Gilo Marjorie was given three options.,

  • He leaves the house until she can solve her problems with her mother.
  • Rent a house two blocks away from his mother and he lives.
  • Send your mother with your brother.

The actress’ response was blunt: “No, my mother is not leaving this house, you have two options, ‘Either you stay or you go'”.

The soap opera heartthrob left his home, “I went home, five days passed and they called me to see a lawyer, that’s where the whole media part starts, because in that meeting I was already being demanded for pension and countless things that all happened earlier. know from.”

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since, Marjorie de Sousa begins to block Julian Gil from seeing his son Matiasso, During the media legal battle, he accompanied the little ones on a few occasions at the Children’s Coexistence Center. Having been granted parental rights, the actress did not let her former partner get closer to her son.