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Why did singer Yahir think of leaving the academy?

Singer and composer Yahir Othon Parras was part of Academy’s first generationThe most successful and remembered of all generations of…

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Singer and composer Yahir Othon Parras was part of Academy’s first generationThe most successful and remembered of all generations of this reality show tv aztec, Although the artist from Hermosillo, Sonora State, Mexico was not the winner of the contest (he won fourth place), he is one of the most successful and remains current, achieving great success with his music and his acting projects.

it marks 2022 20th anniversary of the first generation of La Academia, in an interview that YahirThe 43-year-old, along with Infobe, had admitted that during his stay at the concert, He suffered a lot and even thought of leaving the competition,

The worst memory I have of that time? I went through a lot and I wanted to leave the academy, I think after a month, more or less.

but, What was the reason Yahir wanted to leave the academy? The actor of soap opera and musical theater also said that they didn’t have a place to breathe fresh air“We were locked inside, completely locked inside.”

impressed not only him, but also many of his peers, The production gave them a place where they could relax for a bit after their tough classes., “I think they dropped on the 20th and they gave us a small basketball basket and a patio with everyone else, all of a sudden, when we rehearsed they let us spend a little time at the door and get some fresh air.”

Academy It was located in El Ajusco, a mountainous region, part of the Cordillera Neovolcanica, south of Mexico City in the mayor’s office of Tallapán. At first, first-generation participants, instead of breathing the fresh, pure air of the place, simply breathed in the air conditioning, being locked in the house.

“We didn’t even have windows, so the moment came when I said to them: ‘Okay, either we do this, we go outside to breathe for a while or what’s up, or I’m going to am,’ and yes, thank God, I was heard and we they took a little more breath”.

except, TV Azteca produces a new version of this reality showOn the occasion of 20 years of the first generation of La Academia. The judges will be Lolita Cortés, Ana Barbara, Arturo López Gavito and Horacio Villalobos.,

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singer Alexandre Acha to be the new director of La Academia, while the mentor will be Alex Sintec. Whereas, Adal Ramones and Vanessa Claudio will be the drivers, William Valdés will be the digital host for this edition which will soon be broadcast by Azteca Uno.

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Why did singer Yahir think of leaving the academy?

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