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Why did Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva postpone their wedding?

One of the most anticipated events in our country for a while in the middle of the show The wedding…

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One of the most anticipated events in our country for a while in the middle of the show The wedding of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, A few days ago, the couple traveled to Spain to choose two wedding dresses that the 29-year-old Russian-born actress would wear for the special day. still, Preparations have been slowed down by Russia-Ukraine conflict,

Mexican actor, in an interview for Televisa Aspectaculos Gabriel SotoA 47-year-old soap opera heartthrob said that Relatives of his future wife have some fear of leaving Russia, a country located between the continents of Europe and Asia. Last February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military strike against Ukraine.

soap opera hero Like “Split Love”, “Unmarried with Daughters”, “Pyaar Aaya” and many more, He said that he was very happy, in love, happy and very excited about his marriage with Irina Beva“We continue to prepare and the only thing that has stopped us a bit, unfortunately, is the whole issue happening in Russia and Ukraine”.

Similarly, sports promoter Gabriel Soto, originally from Mexico City, I make it very clear that I will not marry if Irina does not have a family,

The family is a little afraid to leave Russia right now and they haven’t been able to specify the fact that they will come, obviously we’re not going to get married if they don’t have a family.

If necessary, the actor will travel to Russia to be able to get married Irina Beva And when they take an oath of eternal love, his family is present.

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“This year is not because we are already waiting for each other, the pandemic has come and then it is all right now, these are things that are out of our hands, but in the end we will try to lighten the conflict. Would like to wait a bit. And they can already travel with peace of mind, but this year it won’t, if we don’t see how we do it, if not then I’m going to Russia, we’ll see how we do it do, we already want to do this”.

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Why did Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva postpone their wedding?

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