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Who will be the starting goalkeeper, Corona or Jury?

Mexico City. – Hours pass by and blue Cross It has a fundamental mission in its next participation in Liga…

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Mexico City. – Hours pass by and blue Cross It has a fundamental mission in its next participation in Liga MX’s Clausura 2022; try to eliminate something tigers from Michael Herrera who are above cement workers in estimates and bets in this round of quarterfinals.

The Machines would face one of the two strongest teams that went straight to the big party of Mexican soccer, although it did not close the final stage of the championship as expected, it still managed to pass this stage and stand for the title. Preferred to live in. Bell’s.

One aspect is that the team john renoso It is in the invasion of felines that he can save people from great danger, among them Scoring Champion Andre-Pierre Gignacwho have recently returned to training.

Of course, a lot of work would have to be done to prevent the targets from falling into the cabin in defense of Cruz Azul which maintains the perspective of who would be in charge of protecting the cement port for both the first stage and the return stage, as the Inca technician would have is JJ Corona and Sebastian Jurado To be in this tie.

Hug between Jury and Corona
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However, the goalkeeper who votes in favor is the young goalkeeper (jury), who has a consistent regularity. closure 2022 Jose de Jesus Corona suffered more than two months after the injury, which caused him to miss the rest of the regular stage and the championship Concacaf,

Although the veteran (Corona) has more features in the final games than Veracruz, whose last duel as a starter in the league was in the tragic win against Pumas UNAM at the Olympic University in Guard1nes 2020, which led to the elimination of the Blue Was. in a disappointing way.

Hug between Jury and Corona
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Although Corona is out of shape, Juan Renoso may decide to include him in next Thursday’s lineup, although Sebastián Jurado after becoming a figure in the playoffs is motivated to continue with him as South American Cruz Azul’s main goalkeeper. Will make a determination. From the Mexican tournament.