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Who is Todd Boehley? This is the new ‘Yankee’ elite that owns Chelsea

One of London’s most coveted neighborhoods has had a well-known neighbor for a few days. One more to add to…

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One of London’s most coveted neighborhoods has had a well-known neighbor for a few days. One more to add to Erics claptonMickey jagger o mark knopfler who once lived on the banks of the Thames.

his name is Todd Boehley And, although it still does not have an official home in London, the British government has already given permission for its replacement. Roman Abramovich Chelsea FC

Todd Boehli congratulates Chelsea captain Spaniard Cesar AzpilicuetaEFE

Bohly and Abramovich met in 2018. Then, the American businessman wanted to take over the team by paying €2.5 billion, A good offer that was rejected by the Russian tycoon, who has always shown special affection for one of his most volatile professions.

Investing in a Football Team Isn’t Guaranteed cost effectiveness, Those with great fortune entering the game do so because of the social and media influence that makes it essential. red Bull It has been sponsoring various teams around the world over the years. Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leizpig, New York Red Bull and Red Bull Bragantino from the Brazilian League.

According to ForbesTodd Boehly’s fortune is valued at 4,200 million euros. Chelsea have allocated 5,000 million euros and 3,000 only to buy the club. high investment of the history of this game.

Joining him in his new challenge are other companies that have avoided Boehly’s capitalization. The Union Investment Fund is made up of california Clearlake CapitalBillionaire and personal friend of Boehli, another Swiss fund called Hanzborg Vice, mark walter and British businessman Jonathan GoldsteinCEO De Can International.

Production of Abramovich He left Chelsea with a hole in the 1.8 billion euros that the Russian tycoon himself said he had no plans to collect. Although Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has generated social disapproval of everything this country implies, fans of the English club have indelible memory From the best owner he has ever had.

Roman Abramovich in the Chelsea boxAFP

Boehly positions himself as the head of the debt-riding machine and, at the same time, of a reference team in Europe that has won two Champions LeagueTwo Europa Leagues or five Premier Leagues in recent years.

Transfer cost has been reached billion euro With names popular as goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga (80 million euros), Morata (70) or Torres (60) between 2003 and 2022.

Boehly built his empire Eldridge Industries To invest in insurance, credit, technology, real estate, media, consumer and sports in 2015. Truly sports are those which have given more fame and less money to the businessman.

He owns 27% of the basketball team Los Angeles Lakers and 20% Los Angeles Dodgers, the city’s baseball team. She is also the co-owner of the women’s basketball team. Los Angeles Sparks,

The case of the baseball team is one that leaves an important clue about its investment in Chelsea. In 2012 he paid $2,000 million and 10 years later he managed to play them three finals and the 2020 championship, which he had not won since 1980. In addition, Bohli has payroll Most players in the league.

Bruce Springsteen

The wrestling athlete, who won championships in 1990 and 1991, has already set foot in London to complete his training school of economics of the British capital. Later he. worked in City Bank At Credit Suisse Y.

Boehly bought Chelsea at the same time that he was appointed CEO of the company Hollywood Foreign Press Association For his investment in the music-themed media that led to Bruce’s catalog springsteen You killers Which he paid for $ 500 million in collaboration with Sony.

The challenge of improving the old for Chelsea’s new elite Stamford Bridge So that it reached 65,000 spectators and placed the English club in the same elite that Abramovich had left.

Who is Todd Boehley? This is the new ‘Yankee’ elite that owns Chelsea

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