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Which cars are also exempted from the hoy no circular in case of environmental contingencies?

Why can’t some hybrids operate in environmental contingencies? Over the years, one of the main incentives for purchasing electrified vehicles…

By admin , in news , at May 23, 2022

Why can’t some hybrids operate in environmental contingencies?

Over the years, one of the main incentives for purchasing electrified vehicles was that they were exempt from verification and because of their low-emissions vehicle label, the Hoy No Circula could be broadcast every day regardless of program schedule. . All models, whether hybrids, plug-in hybrid or completely electric, they were exempted from verification.

But after acknowledging that there is a huge disparity between the emissions levels of electric vehicles and hybrids, and even between different hybrid technologies, Mexico City’s Secretary of the Environment (SEDema) has decided to reduce the benefits of those models in 2020. Decided which use battery and electric motor over gas tank.

“Hybrid vehicles whose technology does not allow for unit propulsion using only an electric motor will no longer be able to obtain exempt holograms, as this type of vehicle relies on an internal combustion engine for its operation, which The performance side of the same is not much higher than similar ones of gasoline”, the agency states on its website.

This rearrangement differentiated between electric and hybrid models for the first time, giving the former a ‘discount’ hologram permanently, and splitting the latter into two categories of kilometers capable of traveling using only an electric propulsion source. depends on the number. , Depending on this, hybrid cars will only be able to get the ‘exempt’ hologram for a limited time.

And the mild-hybrid model?

model mild hybrid They may not even once aspire to the ‘relaxation’ hologram, as the generator and battery serve as an aid that initially adds torque or which powers some of the vehicle’s electrical components, however, this system will power the unit. Not able to operate by itself. ,

This type of model may have a double zero hologram. Those whose yield is greater than or equal to 16 kmpl can request up to two times it.

Although this type of vehicle was not included in the list of models that do not have to step on the verification center for years and can be circulated every day, regardless of wind conditions, it has slowed its development in the country. Has not stopped.

What models can air quality beyond air quality every day?

Following a restructuring carried out by the Secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City (Sedema), fully electric cars are the only ones that will be able to maintain a Permanent ‘discount’ hologram, This means that they do not need to be verified and will be able to circulate every day, regardless of which environmental contingency phase is active.

Last year, a wave of new electric vehicles hit the Mexican market, from the new SUVs from Volvo and BMW or the super sports car from the Audi RS e-tron GT to the E10X city car from Jack.

The 3.4 million pesos Porsche Taycan is the best-selling battery model in Mexico. Its power train has a good technical performance, charging speed, which allows to recover 80% of the battery in about 25 minutes at a Level 3 station (the fastest), and instant torque as soon as the accelerator is turned on. They have become a desired model within the lucrative space in which it operates.

Apart from Porsche models, the top 10 features four vehicles from Chinese brand Jack, one from Renault and four other vehicles from premium brands.

it is model list Those who can aspire for a discounted hologram.