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Sunday, May 15, the most important awards ceremony on Argentine television returns, Martin Fierro Awards 2022. The entire nation will…

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Sunday, May 15, the most important awards ceremony on Argentine television returns, Martin Fierro Awards 2022. The entire nation will be able to watch him on telefe screens from 7:30 pm after being unable to perform for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The star driver will be Marley and great personalities are expected to be present. Altogether 650 people from the fields of entertainment, journalism and more were invited to meet at the opulent Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires.

This installment will become the 50th edition and will award Best Television in 2021.

In addition to being able to watch on Telefé, broadcasts can be followed online on MiTelefe and Pluto Tv throughout the country and abroad. And a new offer popped up from There, each user will be able to live their own experience. Diego Poggi and China Ansa will broadcast from a specially set up “streaming room” at the Hilton. This will also happen from the same place where all the winners will be discussed later.

Nothing more and nothing less than Ivan de Pineda and Paula Chaves will be in charge of showing all the details of whatever happens on the red carpet. Those who will have the task of analyzing the stunning look of the famous will be Robertito Funes Ugarte and Augustina Casanova. While Lizzy Tagliani will preview the big event with her unparalleled charisma.

These are all nominees

best reality show

  • MasterChef Celebrities – Telefe
  • Cut and Sew – L Tres

big show

  • Voice Argentina – Telefe

Best TV Jury

  • Donato De Santis, Damien Betular, German Martigui – MasterChef Celebrities
  • Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastoruti, Mau and Ricky – La Voz Argentina
  • Angel De Brito, Carolina Pumpita Ardohain, Guillermina Valdés, Jimena Barron and Hernán Piquin – Showmatch
  • Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla, Karina La Princessita and Morea Casan -Singing 2020

best fiction

  • Small Victory – Telefe
  • Tiger Verone – The Thirteen

best journalist

  • Journalism for All – El Tres


  • us morning – el tres
  • Every Afternoon – The Nine
  • Cut by Lozano – Telefe

Best Entertainment Sports Events

  • Welcome aboard – El Tres
  • Roulette of your dreams – America
  • Minutes to Win – Telefe

Best Program Quiz Games

  • 100 Argentinian Says – El Tres
  • Step 8 – Thirteen
  • Who else knows about Argentina – Public TV


  • Brawl in the Bar – America


  • Guillermo Lopez – America

work male driving

  • Dario Barsi – 100 Argentine Sai
  • Santiago Del Moro – Celebrity MasterChef
  • Mariano Idica – Brawl in the bar
  • Guido Cazka – Welcome Aboard
  • Marcelo Tinelli – Showmatch
  • Marley – Around the World, La Voz Argentina and Minute to Win

female driving work

Karina Mazzoko – la tarde

  • Juana Viole – Having Lunch with Mirtha Legrand
  • Florencia Pea – Team Flower
  • Veronica Lozano – cut by Lozano

general interest

  • Having Lunch with Mirtha Legrand – El Trese
  • PH, we can talk – Telefe

news broadcast of the day

  • Top Argentina – El Tres
  • Telenews in the afternoon – The Nine
  • People’s News – Telefe

central news broadcast

  • America News – America

fictional lead actor

  • Facundo Arana – Small Victory
  • Luciano Caceres – 1-5/18
  • Marco Antonio Caponi – Tiger Verone
  • Julio Chaves – The Tiger Verono

fictional lead actress

  • Augustina Cheri – LA 1-5/18
  • Juliet Diaz – Little Victory
  • Lali Gonzalez – 1-5/18
  • Natalie Perez – Little Victory


  • Dario Barsi – The Thirteen

travel and Tourism

  • Rest of the World – El Tres

men’s journalism work

women’s journalism

  • Soledad Large – America
  • Sylvia Martinez Casino – Thirteen

humorous work

  • Martin Campi – Team Flower
  • Roberto Moldavsky – Deal done
  • Patricio Muzio – The Rock of Morphy

mass production

  • Voice Argentina – Telefe
  • MasterChef Celebrities – Telefe


  • Martin Candloft – America
  • Yanina Latore – The Thirteen

foreign historian

  • Fabian Rubino – America
  • Guillermo Paniza – Telefi
  • Santiago Zayen – The Thirteen


  • Country Festival – Public TV
  • Morphy’s Rock – Teleface
  • Saturday Passion – America


  • football show. America
  • Passion for Football – El Tres
  • let the frogs come back – Public TV . more information on



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