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What’s Gaby Lagarde’s New Song About “Queendom”?

If one woman is powerful, there are two, three, four… even more. What if women ruled the world? it is…

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If one woman is powerful, there are two, three, four… even more. What if women ruled the world? it is a question that Mexican singer and songwriter Gabby Lagarde plasma n “Quindom”, little more than a simple song. This is an extraordinary musical project created by a group of powerful women for other powerful women.

this song, In collaboration with Colombian producer, singer-songwriter and DJ Ali Stoneis one of the new mantra of empowerment,

In a very pleasant conversation with Debate, Gabby Lagarda shared with us that I got the idea to write a song called “Queendam” (in Spanish, “reign”), which was Composed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Women,

Last February she began working on the idea, “but I asked myself: ‘I’m talking about a song about what women want, but I only want what I want,’ I want to know. I’m curious if other girls think the same way as me.

In view of this, he asked this question to his friends and family through his WhatsApp group: “Do you think the world would be different if it was led by women and why?”,

Ali Stone and Gabby Lagarde have collaborated on several occasions. Photo: Courtesy / Joe Middens

The responses he received served as further inspiration for him. New Song, “Queendom”A musical theme “that has a message not only from me, but from all the women around me, whom I admire so much, it’s like our anthem, that we express ourselves and we ourselves can use those answers.” to convey this message”.

All her friends and family, to whom she asked the above question, said that, indeed, the world would be different if it were led by women.

“Many people told me because women have more empathy, which caught my attention, the number of times I saw that word, we have more empathy and the decisions we would make were not based on money, power, as in Today political leaders do, women have an undeniable intuition, an intuition that may not be as developed in men, that mother’s intuition as they call it”, remarked Gabby Lagarde,

The Mexican singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, United States, commented that women, when thinking about the common good, would be completely different in the decisions they make as rulers of this world.

We tend to think that the priorities are family, humanity itself, that all children have food, they have a home, an education, that if we really think about our priorities, they are little compared to current political leaders. are different.

Powerful women participating in “Queendom”. Photo: Courtesy / Joe Middens

When Gabby had the whole idea for “Queendom”, Ali got in touch with Stone to ask for his help in composing and producing, He accepted without thinking twice. Later, he offered her to record together, she agreed even more enthusiastically.

in addition to the following Gabby Lagarde and Ali Stone, “Queendom” made up of others powerful women, The audiovisual of the song was directed by Thai Cinema Danaya Watanpanof which Cinematographer Katy WilliamsOriginally from South Carolina, United States.

was also added to the project choreographer lauren elli and a friend of hers, who worked as a production and direction assistant. “It was really great to see us all working together and the energy felt very harmonious, we were all excited, things flowed very well.”

have worked with Ali Stone, contributed greatly to Gabby Lagarde’s musical career. “He is, first of all, a musician, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, he has a lot of musical knowledge, which I do not have, I have my thoughts, I have my voice, I have other things which I rely on, I don’t really have a formal musical education, it’s mostly by ear, I’m learning slowly”.

Ali Stone helped her execute all the ideas that she has in her mind, “She basically helped me translate whatever I’m thinking and imagine into a musical format, that’s my last four.” The songs have been an important part, I thank her a lot and the energy we have as a friend is great and I love it.”

Gabby Lagarda, with the banner of empowerment, tries to inspire

On the other hand, with each of her songs along with “Queendam”, the Mexican singer-songwriter hopes to inspire other people to do what they’re most passionate about, as the covid pandemic has created the biggest challenge. Learned is one of them. Us -19, is that there is no time to lose.

“Life is short, there are so many things happening in the world and if we focus on the really important things, which are our mental health, our physical health, our family, our passions, I think the world is a lot more. Would be beautiful. If I can inspire at least one person, I’m already satisfied with that.”

Gabby Lagarda plans to release a few more songs During this year, honoring time for their creative processes. These songs will also be thererelated to women’s issues, but from another angle, For example, friendship between women, mother nature, sympathy.

Gabby Lagarda shares her passion for music, a medium through which she can communicate. photo courtesy

The talented and charismatic artist told us that What music has left him in his professional and personal life till dateIt’s like doing “Because I feel it, because it’s my way of expressing myself, it’s my creative way, and if I really feel proud of what I’m doing, nothing else matters.” “That’s what I’ve learned, what matters is how I feel when I’m making something and if I’m satisfied with the result”.

That’s what really matters, because I do it for myself, I share it with you, but I do it for myself, and if you like it, even better.

Looking at the times we’re living Gabby Lagarda Tells All Women She Has More Power Than You Imagined: “We, as human beings, are more powerful than we think”.

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A lesson they have is that the thoughts that have become our words and those words have become actions,” and those actions trigger a series of circumstances and situations that get us where we want to go, it’s our It’s hard to have good, positive thoughts, focus on moving forward, but we can count on people who love us, it’s good to ask for help, always be surrounded by positive people, with good vibes”.