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Whatever shines in employment figures is not gold

Within the national accounts published by the INE, there is a section with employment that serves to understand its reality,…

By admin , in news , at May 19, 2022

Within the national accounts published by the INE, there is a section with employment that serves to understand its reality, as it is published by the 10 productive sectors that make up our country’s GDP.

This tool maintains a stable series of quarters since 1995 and serves to analyze over time how something as important as this fundamental element has evolved within our economy.

we all know that we are country with highest unemployment of the euro zone, and that we even surpassed Greece in this variable. Therefore, being clear about where the job increases and decreases is important for anyone who wants to change the sign of this variable.

I have a big doubt: yes yolanda diazoo, Jose Luis Escriva You Nadia Calvin Check out these numbers that INE publishes quarterly and which are available to all Spaniards. I have no doubt that Pedro Sanchez Don’t even look at them. He doesn’t even know they exist, because for him there is another way to measure the economy, and it’s not called INE; Neither the CNI, nor its Council of Ministers: it is called the CIS.

So, this article is not dedicated to our President, because I don’t think he is interested and probably doesn’t even understand it.

What we are going to compare today is what happened with employment from 2019 to 2021, forgetting 2020, which is a year of forgetfulness.

We can verify that, in 2019we had reached Highest jobs ever received in the history of our country: 20.5 million jobs. To get an idea, in 1995 we ended up with 13.9 million jobs, in 2000 with 16.9 and in 2010 with 19.4 million.

Of these 20.5 million workers, the Spanish productive sectors are the five largest sectors in terms of employment: Businesswith 6.1 million; public administrationwith 4.6 million; business activitieswith 2.6; Industrywith 2,3, and artistic activitiesWith 1.7 million. These five sectors add 17.3 million workers in 2019 and employ 84.4% of all workers in our country.

The other five sectors, which employ 15.6%, are constructionwith 1.3 million; agriculturewith 0.8 million; information and communicationchoice 0,5; financing activitieswith 0.3, and real estate activitieschoice 0,2.

At the end of 2021, 230,900 jobs have been lost, equivalent to a decrease of 1.1%, with commerce being the most affected, which has lost 388,700 jobs (-6.4%); industry, which lost 129,000 jobs (-5.6%); artistic activities, in which 121,300 jobs were lost (-7.0%); Agriculture, which lost 22,500 (-2.9%) and financial activities 2,000 (-0.6%).

The sectors that created jobs in this period are real estate activities, with 9,400 jobs (+4.4%); construction, with 22,600 (+1.7%); business activities, with 79,700 (+3.0%); Information and Communications, with 90,400 (+16.6%), and Public Administration, with 230,500 (+5.0%). it means that public administration It is responsible for the creation of 53.3% of the employment.

The title of this article “Employment: What Shines Is Not Gold” is clear at the moment. Despite creating 230,500 in public administration, we have destroyed 230,900 jobs as compared to 2019.

If public administration had not contributed to a single situation, which it should have, the loss of jobs would have been 461,400, which would have equated to a decline of 2.2%.

I Think That’s Why Yolanda Díaz, “Red One”, Jose Luis Escriva, “He Only Got Right on Third”, and Nadia Calvino, “I Don’t Get It Even If They Kill Me”, National Account Don’t read, because they are not interested to know that financially they are loading this country.

Public paid employment is more expensive than money paid for unemployment And, when you have a state deficit of 85,000 million euros, you can’t hire public employees because to pay them you’ll have to borrow money, which you’ll have to repay one day.

Labor Minister, I take it that she doesn’t understand numbers, but Escriva and Calvino come from a good understanding of state numbers.

When they don’t want to understand them today, it’s because of only one reason: they’re real liars; They are chained to a boss who will kick them out when she doesn’t need them (ÁBallos and Calvo know this full well), but on top of that they have to cover up the constant lies coming from this government. would be defamed.

Not only does gold shine in employment, but it is a paint bath that stains your hands when you touch the subject and leaves you with a foul odor.

Whatever shines in employment figures is not gold

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