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What will you do on Mother’s Day? “find my baby”

Guadalajara Mexico.- While most Mexicans will celebrate moms This Tuesday, thousands of women will take to the streets to raise…

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Guadalajara Mexico.- While most Mexicans will celebrate moms This Tuesday, thousands of women will take to the streets to raise their voices or dig the earth in search of their missing children.

Caught between the inertia of the authorities and the impunity, they feel that nothing to celebrateEven worse when the growth of victims of this crime doesn’t stop: 95,121 as of last November, according to official figures.

in Jalisco, the state most disappearing (14.948), María Guadalupe Camarena, Arceli Hernández, Rosaura Magna and Azulema Estrada Tell AFP about the fight they’re giving find their kids And don’t be consumed by pain.

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– five empty chairs –

Guadalupe Camarena61 years old, answered without hesitation what his mother’s day plan, “find my baby”,

With a low voice to hold back the tears, he mentions Lucero, Jose de Jesus, Tonatiuh, Ernesto and Osvaldo JavierFive of their nine children are missing.

“There are five empty chairs, nothing to celebrate here,” adds this domestic worker in San Pedro de Tlaquepaque.

Lucero disappeared in 2016 after attending a job interview and in 2019 after attending to his four brothers. They were on their way by road to a relative who would look after Jose de Jesus after cancer surgery.

He was arrested by the police from the municipality of Ocotlanand although the two officers are charged with forced disappearancehas not announced or launched any search operation.

The United Nations considers the matter “urgent”., More recently, its Committee Against Forced Disappearances described it as a “human tragedy” inspired by “absolute impunity”. event in mexicokilled by drug violence,

Camarena maintains her eldest son’s house, including the cupboards she looks through painstakingly.

– looking for mom –

On the altar of the so-called “Santa Muerte”, araceli hernandez50, has pictures of his kids in their twenties: Vanessa and Manuel Alejandro Veneranda,

He hasn’t heard from them since 2017. On August 27, Vanessa was forced out of her truck with another young woman, who was released. Two days later, while he was looking for his sister, Alejandro disappeared.

“They were missing for almost four months when I took up the task of grabbing a bag, a few bottles of water, a wooden stick and started walking through the hills (…) I focused more on being a looking for mom“, she refers to women who have done excavations in secret tombs.

He also walks the streets of Guadalajara, putting up posters with images of boys. Crying, they kiss the faces on the papers.

“It’s a mission I have as a mother (…) I love them.” Children who have disappeared “live, breathe by inertia.”

– unexpected twist –

upon waking up, rosea magna61, light a candle and pray in front of a picture carlos eduardo, He disappeared five years ago when armed men, who said they were from the prosecutor’s office, arrived at the workshop where he worked and took him along with three other youths, two of whom were released.

“I never thought about this life project: Going from retired to seeker’s mother“, confirms this woman, who denounces that the authorities do not even have a single line of investigation.

The released youths refused to give details of the incident The case has gone to six prosecutors and eight investigating police officers.Keeps it up.

Other mothers in her position will demonstrate this Tuesday in Mexico.

– Self-taught forensics –

azulema estrada49 years old, He has taught himself both the law and the excavation technique. to find Ivan AlfredoDisappeared in 2020 at the age of 30.

“They never gave me anything about my complaint (document). I found out (…) after about three months that they didn’t get the file, there’s nothing,” he says.

his son, who lived in sonora (Ans) was taken out of the house by the gunmen along with his accomplice. unsuccessful attempt to verify Version that he is buried on a hill in the city of Guayamaso,

“Unfortunately we didn’t get anything. We missed a lot of points because the night went on with us, we couldn’t come back because they were hunting us“, tells of the “falcon”, the sentinel of criminals.

Even finding some remains and burying them is a consolation for families,

The government reports some 37,000 unidentified bodies to forensic services, although civic organizations have warned that 52,000 . will be, They have been linked to 340,000 murders left by organized crime violence since 2006.

efforts to consolidate officers missing persons database With genetic specimens, while some corpses are buried unrecognized due to morgue overflow.

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The first disappearances in Mexico date back to the so-called “dirty war” against revolutionary movements between the 1960s and 1980s.

But matters skyrocketed after the militarization of the drug war 16 years ago.

Jalisco Day 3 . In Search of Sonora’s Mothers