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What will the mega security campaign be like to give Susanna Jimenez a diamond statue – People Online

Countdown to the completion of the ceremony Martin Fierro 2022 is going on and everyone is looking forward to enjoy…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

Countdown to the completion of the ceremony Martin Fierro 2022 is going on and everyone is looking forward to enjoy a new installment after two years of pandemic. Among the celebrities present, there will be one that will have a special distinction: that is Susan Jimenez, The telephone diva who has been in business for more than thirty years with her own television series operations.

and in this context, Louis Ventura, President of the organization that brought together the journalists who voted for the award, He told the truth about the type of statue the lace would receive. It is that much has been talked about in recent times and, although the versions were accurate, huge changes were made.

“That award, which is going to be a tribute, which has to do with the trajectory, was going to be the pearl award because they wanted it to be special. What happens is that the pearl looked half sad. So we made the glass sculpture Told to make, but we changed that too. So we will make one of the diamonds, which will be the second to be given after the one obtained by Mirtha Legrand ”, counted.

“It is the same format as Martin Fierro of gold, with natural goldsmith work and a jewelry store offering adding three gold baths and five diamond inlays”, The journalist specified during the interview in “Partners of the Show”.

Security campaign for the protection of Martin Fierro de Brillantes

Ventura was honest in admitting that the piece “turns off a prize with a very significant (economic) value” and that it was the reason two security agents arranged by the firm were in charge of the assembly to look after it. This Telefe arranged reaches the hands of the cheerleader.

There will be many tributes, emotional moments, an unprecedented opening show and all those moments of color during the ceremony which are much talked about in the days to come. They assure that it will be a grand and phenomenal party. . more information on



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