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What will be the hypothesis conducted by fire experts in your apartment. from Belgrano – People Online

On Monday, a fire broke out on the 22nd floor of a tower located at Aguilar 2390, which was the…

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On Monday, a fire broke out on the 22nd floor of a tower located at Aguilar 2390, which was the department of Felipe Petinatto who burns in the middle of a confusing episode in which his friend Melchor Rodrigo dies.

while the son of Roberto Petinatto He is still hospitalized in the Zabala clinic, the first images were known where you can see the destruction that the igneous focus generates on the property and in the corridor of the building and on the facade.

Along these lines, this morning in the cycle of El Tres ‘Nosotros a la Manana’ he released part of the expert opinion he made in the Department of Petinato: “It cannot be ruled out that some fluid may have participated in the phenomenon to accelerate the combustion.,Read the event’s panelists Pampa Monaco.

Similarly, the panelists pointed out: “We’re about to start to realize that there’s a hand behind the fire here. Somebody started it.” At the same time, he commented: ,The expert opinion isn’t going to tell you whether it was Felipe Petinato or it was Melchor Rodrigo, but one of the two will,Sentenced.

Under this framework, the journalist clarified that the expert’s opinion is not intentional, but speaks of the elements that were at the time of combustion. On the other hand, he indicated that the expert He tested all the equipment and none of them shorted out.


In Noon News program he disclosed information that was not known about his son Roberto Petinato. Journalist Ignacio Gonzalez Prieto was in charge of giving all the details that complicate the son of Roberto Petinato,

,psychological and psychological expertise of Philippe Petinatowhich has many antecedents that attract a lot of attention, which have to do with drug use, drug use, hospitalization,Explained Preeto And shocking information appeared about the 29-year-old artist. “There’s something that came up in court yesterday, which is an arson attempt when this boy was in seventh grade and they were able to stop it”Journalist told about the situation he experienced comb in his childhood.

“For now (Felipe) is in a witness position, we will see how the expertise progresses and if that goes into the case of the defendant and the investigation.”he claimed Preeto About the possibility that the artist’s condition will change and he will become one of the main suspects in the death of the doctor. . more information on



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