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What to do in the city of Grupo Firme, Tijuana?

Tijuana.- Grupo Firme has become one of the most important groups in the world of Mexican music.Despite being of Mexican…

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Tijuana.- Grupo Firme has become one of the most important groups in the world of Mexican music.Despite being of Mexican regional style, borders have been crossed, with the opportunity to be part of the Coachella line by 2022, one of the most important festivals in the world.

Many people don’t know it, but the group led by Eduin Kazu Was born in Tijuana in the border city of Baja California back in 2014The moment he took his first steps to reach the success he has achieved today, being one of the most popular and most beloved among the masses, his success has been so great that his dates set for Mexico sold out in record time Huh.

What to do in Tijuana, where Grupo Firme was born?

If you want to plan a trip, Tijuana may be your best optionBecause the city where Grupo Firme was born has a wide tourist proposition, from cultural to gastronomic, it manages to entice its visitors, who are happy with their trip and don’t think twice about returning. Huh.

Tijuana, Baja California has a wide tourist proposition to enjoy. Photo: Internet

Those who are lovers of arts and culture can start their tour home of culture of tijuana, located in one of the city’s oldest and most important buildings, a place with a Neoclassical style that houses important works of art of great historical value. From the works of Pedro Ramirez and Manuel Rosen Morrison to film screenings and more. There’s also the Wax Museum, which houses incredible figures from the world of politics, history, and entertainment.

For those looking for all the fun, there are bars, shops, and casinos. definitely, Tijuana’s Nightlife Is Exciting And one of the best places to visit is Caliente Racetrack, where all kinds of bets are placed for all kinds of sports. In place you can also try your luck on its machines, its bingo room and greyhound racing facilities.

The nightlife of Tijuana is one of the most important parts for tourists. Photo: Instagram

To know more about night life From the border town, you can walk to Sixth Street, where some of the best options are located, such as Dandy del Sur Bar or Revolution Avenue, the area’s most famous street, with canteens, bars, restaurants, and craft shops concentrated. , Made from skin, jewelry, tobacco, etc.

Do you like the world of entertainment? One of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the city is Fox Studios, located about thirty minutes from Tijuana, where you can view impressive recording sets such as Titanic and Pearl Harbor. Titanic Expo showcases original sets from the film and offers a behind-the-scenes tour of Foxploration Film Studios.

What else will happen Visit Tijuana Without Knowing Its Famous Vineyards, Some of the country’s most famous vineyards are in town, in which you can learn about the winemaking process and taste the different productions through a special tour. Similarly, you can visit the Tijuana Brewery and live a very special experience seeing each and every part of the said craft drink’s production, without neglecting the taste of a good jar in its tavern.

You cannot miss a visit to some of the vineyards present in Tijuana. Photo: Instagram

Finally, An Indispensable Part During a Cooking Trip to Tijuana, The roots of Mexican cuisine remain in the city, although gourmet options are also presented in the form of fusions with other types of cuisine, such as French, Spanish, Italian, and American. The most outstanding traditional dishes include shark fin soup, abalone in oyster sauce, burritas with macha, flour tortillas, roast beef, fresh shrimp cakes, Peninsular-style cakes, grilled seafood and the classic lobster New Port.

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What to do in the city of Grupo Firme, Tijuana?

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