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What to do if you sent the wrong response?

In recent times, the app of WhatsApp Long awaited release in some accounts response to messages within chat, in the…

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In recent times, the app of WhatsApp Long awaited release in some accounts response to messages within chat, in the style of MessengerBut what if you accidentally answered the wrong answer?

For months it was rumored that the instant messaging platform meta It will provide its billions of users with responses to messages sent during conversations, as has long been the case with Messenger and Facebook.

One of the functions of this new tool, which hasn’t reached all accounts yet, is that you can react to a message that, perhaps, isn’t worth responding with text.

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However, this does not mean that the message should be left without any kind of response, so reactions with emojis come at a great time to help internet users in this type of situation.

To respond to a message using emoji, all you have to do is touch and hold the message and you’ll see the various options available to react to a text, image or audio sent by your contact: “I like it”, “I love it”, “It makes me happy”, “It surprises me”, “It makes me sad”And emoticon with both hands together.

Although, What if by mistake or out of distraction you sent the wrong response? There is nothing easier than pressing the message to which you responded with emoji again and pressing the emoticon you selected and that’s it, your response will be deleted.

WhatsApp builds community

Soon WhatsApp will launch the app Communities, a new function that will act as an organizer of groups on the most popular instant messaging platform in the world.

Company Meta has clarified that this new tool It is not intended to replace the function currently performed by WhatsApp groups.Rather it will be nurtured by them.

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Portals specializing in the app anticipate that communities will give administrators more power, as they will be able to delete messages they deem inappropriate for the mobility of users integrating the tool.

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