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what maintenance should have seen

The design and construction were conclusive, but inspections also failed. It is alleged that maintenance on Metro could not prevent…

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The design and construction were conclusive, but inspections also failed.

It is alleged that maintenance on Metro could not prevent the collapse of the section on Metro Line 12 because it “makes sense” because of hidden design and construction defects, but in the eyes of the company independent expert opinion – praised and contracted by the government, which It now disproves-, evidence that the structure presented problems, as evidenced by photographs already taken at street level.

The kick, then, makes no sense, because observers of the mass transport system, if they had done their part, always had the opportunity to detect deformations in the joints of that overpass.

The third report revealed by El Pais states that the problem can be traced back to routine and exceptional supervision and maintenance inspections that simply were not carried out or were poorly done. “Typical industry practices” (worldwide) in such constructions.

The firm confirmed that there is no record of “repairs made in the sunny section…”.


“There is no maintenance or repair record of concrete or metal components used in civil engineering that was provided to DNV (…) by an expert representing the Civil Engineering Department of STC in cases of exceptional occurrences A more detailed inspection should have been done…”, says the expert opinion.
It is clear that, if the protocol had been followed, the metro maintenance would not have solved the design and structure problems, but it would have delved into the modifications and warned of the risks, so that the authority would have greatly appreciated what was clear. take seriously and take the necessary measures to proceed, including suspension of service, as was done during the administration of Miguel ngel Manseira when disturbances between tracks, trains and sleepers were discovered, at whatever economic and political cost. But had to be repaired.
The capital’s government underestimates the importance of poor maintenance, dragging the main modes of transport into the metropolitan area.

Its efficiency is so questionable that Friday’s storm generated waterfalls at the Cuatro Camino and El Rosario stations, and not even to worry about waterproofing when it all started raining.
To the shame of the Claudia Sheinbaum-led administration are the words of former premier Florencia Serrania, who a year earlier faced tragedy by saying “I’m just the director” and in January, the central control outpost destroyed in the face of a fire, this Type arrogant:
“I am the deputy director of maintenance. There are so many problems in the metro that I decided to take that double position…”.

In such a situation, the capital government has no excuse or reason to get rid of its irresponsibility in the arduous maintenance of the metro.