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What is the symbiosis, the repeated behavior pattern of China Suarez with her partners – People Online

In the last hours everyone was talking about the given kiss China Suarez and Rushking Martin Fierro in the middle…

By admin , in news , at May 19, 2022

In the last hours everyone was talking about the given kiss China Suarez and Rushking Martin Fierro in the middle of the party.

And this Tuesday, at LAM he testified to a 21-year-old ragpicker’s former partner Marie Becerra – who, despite defining himself as ‘a gentleman’, assured that “The world is gone” Eugenia la china suarez dating. The phrase that among young people means ‘I turned out to be the champion, I broke it’.

The uproar caused by this new and unexpected affair generated a debate on social networks about the tastes and preferences of former Cassie Engels. It was in this context that user @_leilape put together a thread (which went viral) about the patterns that the actress repeats with all her colleagues.

Theories About China Suarez

I open a thread called “Las Eras de la China Suarez”, because every affair of the queen of the hearts of the country was very special. We don’t know what it is, but Every time you start a relationship or relate to someone, your style blends with that person., Started writing twitter. Then, the user explained how. mother of Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio He ‘changes his appearance’ according to the person he finds himself dating.

what is symbiosis

“Symbiosis is a term of biology that psychology takes to explain the functioning of certain relationships, including some pair relationships where, in addition to mutual dependence, a pattern of imitation is formed between one and the other. These pairs Begin to “copy”.explained to people Flavio Calvo, PhD in psychology, teacher, workshop facilitator and author (MN: 66869).

Then he added: “It is natural for couples to become more similar to each other over time; however, when one or both members of the pair give up their personal tastes and “adapt” to the other, that couple is not a place of belonging. but rather a place of dependence and over-adaptation such that one’s own personality deteriorates for fear of losing the other”.

Dr. Flavio Calvo

Along the same lines, he said “This loss of identity and symbiosis with another is the result of many factors, including: fear, self-esteem, childhood patterns that require closure, complacency, etc.”

“If we talk about self-esteem, those who usually engage in this type of bond are people with a deep need to build up their self-esteem. This lack of self-love allows oneself to relate to another. It is proved by being left to adapt. It is the other who becomes a valuable person.”deepened.

And finally he concluded: “When thinking about the desire to please, it is interesting to note that those who have a drive to please others usually do so in the quest to be pleased, many times those who have it please-please.” End Me Patterns Many of their relationships (partners, friends, etc.) are poorly worded, as they tend to “give everything” but sooner or later feel they don’t get what they offer is …”,

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