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What is regulated rate and how to change it cheaply

said Ignacio Sanchez GalanPresident of Iberdrola that “only fools continue to pay the regulated electricity rate”, referring to the rate…

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said Ignacio Sanchez GalanPresident of Iberdrola that “only fools continue to pay the regulated electricity rate”, referring to the rate voluntary small consumer price (PVPC) which, according to Galan, afflict approximately 12 million Spaniards.

regulated rate

Galen has been told by the government that it has no sensitivity to calling those PVPC rate customers “fool”. One variable value It is marked by the wholesale electricity market and this causes the bill to undergo significant changes from one month to the next. Users are also aware that if they consume at certain times the price may be higher or lower as per OMIE website data.

President of iberdrola This refers to the fact that this rate is no longer the most suitable, although in general it is priced lower, not now. Wars and pandemics have triggered these types of bills to trigger external factors for consumption.

Cheat The government’s view is that those who want social bonuses should have access to a regulated rate to benefit from the aid later.

free market rate

The free market rate is advocated by Ignacio Sánchez Galán. Fixed price 365 days a year. This translates into the change of prisio Based only on consumption, but never on price per MW as agreed upon at the time of signing the contract.

Flat electricity rates were a problem months ago because the price made it unprofitable than regulated

comes with a problem New Users Marketers are making these rates more expensive because of the free market, something they can’t do for older customers.

Electricity rates also understand politics. If regulated is the one who gives profit Governmentsure one is profit to companies. for now

Iberdola Campaign

iberdrola The U.S. has launched a campaign this Friday in which it encourages consumers to sign electricity supply contracts through free contracts as they are cheaper than the rate regulated by the government.

As a continuation of his previous campaign «Plan Stable» Last March, this informational and advertising campaign will emphasize the advantages of one contract over the other.

The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán.

Denied Heaven Sent Benefits

«Twenty million households in Spain have seen how their electricity bill is equal to or less than a year ago. They are among the citizens who have a free rate. However, the tariff contract regulated by Government They have in the context of the daily ups and downs of the energy markets and these rates are intolerable for the citizens”, he explained to Iberdrola.

“Spain is the only country in Europe whose regulated rates change every hour, which creates more doubt and uncertainty for customers,” he said. from iberdrola They want to show citizens that a “lower and more stable” price is possible.