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What is known about the case of Yolanda Martinez

Yolanda Martinez Caden is one of the missing girls in the state new lionAlthough his case was not so famous…

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Yolanda Martinez Caden is one of the missing girls in the state new lionAlthough his case was not so famous until after his death Debanhi Escobar, One of the Monterrey victims, a woman’s body was found a few days ago, with similar clothes yolanda, It is known about the case Yolanda Martinez Caden,

Yolanda Martinez CadenShe disappeared after leaving her grandmother’s house in the Constitution neighborhood of Queretaro, in San Nicolas de los Garza in Nuevo León, on March 31.

girl who went missing nine days ago Debanhi Escobar, and after the murder Maria FernandaA young university student who was found dead in a house in Apodaka.

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Authorities released a file to search for her, after family and friends rallied to demand that her presentation be made alive. It was she.

Yolanda’s father Gerardo Martinezdemanded the arrest of a man suspected of missing his daughter, and expressed his displeasure at the perceived lack of ability of the prosecutor’s office to prosecute the alleged perpetrator.

The family later admitted that the man in the video was yolanda,

On May 5, 37 days after his disappearance Gerardo Martinez, Met with personnel from the State Attorney General’s office. The meeting lasted three hours and ruled out that Yolanda had voluntarily run away from home and without explaining her decision or destination.

He reiterated that there was much communication between them, apart from that his granddaughter’s party, who had turned four on April 29, was pending and yolanda She was looking for another job where she would find time to take care of her daughter, as in the last one she had problems with the schedule that was not conducive to caring for her little girl.

the governor of new lion, Samuel Garciamentioned that Yolanda Martinez When he entered Yolanda’s room while intoxicated, he could have run away when harassed by the mother’s brother uncle.

About this, Gerardo Martinez He mentioned “Well, this is what the investigation folder indicates, but that information would only be given to him by the governor, because he was the one who pulled that information out of the folder, because it got to the point where uncle,

He added that this man “has not been arrested or anything, he is being investigated, just like Eduardo, former passionate partnerWhy Yolanda? “But it doesn’t throw us much.”

the father of Yolanda MartinezClaimed to be mentally prepared for everything, and said that he would accept anything, the only thing he asked is that they would not leave their daughter “like an animal, that they would take her somewhere.” Don’t even leave lies, they tell me where she is, I don’t know how the law works, or against whom, because the only thing that matters to me is that my daughter is visible.

Also on 5th May Local Search Commission of Nuevo LeónOffered a reward of one lakh pesos to anyone providing information that helps in finding Yolanda Martinez.

Saturday May 7 Gerardo Martinez He was admitted to the hospital, he said through an audio in WhatsApp groups he organized to share information about his activities to try to trace his daughter, who lasted nearly four days. Wasn’t feeling well, “but didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to search for me”.

Sunday 8th May they find a corpse In the municipality of Juárez, Nuevo León, in a scrub area, in an advanced state of decomposition with clothing similar to that of Yolanda.

according to State Attorney General’s OfficeIt was a woman who collected firewood in the mountains, who found the body about a hundred meters from Hortelanos Street, in the Los Huertos neighborhood, near the road to San Mateo, and immediately called 911.

The body was located about 11 kilometers from the site where Yolanda was last seen, where, according to the girl’s relatives, it is a dangerous area as several motorists harass the women, for which they feared that she was abducted. She was taken, because they were told that they had seen her on Calle Francia 86 on her way to the foothills of the Cerro de la Silla, but she did not go to the house of the friends she had visited.

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owning to Special Prosecutor for Women and Crimes Against Women, Griselda Nez Espinozanoted that the corpse’s clothing matched what Yolanda was wearing when she disappeared, a black striped blouse, blue jeans, black tennis shoes and a black bag.

He said the victim presented decompression over three weeks and was already in Semafo, where they would undergo tests to determine the cause of death, as well as genetic tests to find out if it was indeed . Yolanda Martinez.