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What is included in the PAN Electoral Reform Proposal?

Mexico. – This Monday, National Action Party (PAN) submitted its electoral counter-reform as a response to the electoral amendment that…

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Mexico. – This Monday, National Action Party (PAN) submitted its electoral counter-reform as a response to the electoral amendment that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador A few days ago, the Congress of the Sangh was sent.

According to a statement published on the official National Action website, the opposition party’s legislative project for the ruling party is based on the principles of “the legitimacy, legitimacy and proportionality of the elections”.

This Monday, at a press conference, the national leader of PAN, Marco Cortés Mendoza, along with the coordinators of the blue and white bench chamber of DeputiesJorge Romero Herrera, and republic senateJulen Rementaria, as well as deputy Joanna Felipe Torres, announced a proposal to reform the electoral affairs of National Action.

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Key points of PAN’s electoral reforms

According to political actors, the electoral amendment proposed by PAN demands first of all that Mexico has a second round of presidential electionsAs is done in many countries around the world, including some in Latin America.

“We promote an electoral resolution that strengthens our democracy, controls the government, achieves true representation of the popular mandate in the Chamber of Deputies and creates better conditions of governance,” the pan national leader said. said.

Meanwhile, another salient feature of this legislative project is that it is set up as follows: The reason for the invalidity of electoral elections is the interference of organized crime groups. Those operating in the Mexican Republic thus have “the slightest indication” of the involvement of these criminal groups in electoral elections.

Similarly, PAN proposes formal regulation of coalition governmentsThat is, the participation within the administration of the various parties, which unitedly held public office, would be determined in a time-bound manner.

Romero Herrera said, “A coalition government is not only the electoral product of an electoral alliance, but that the political forces that make up the electoral alliance also make the main public policy decisions.”

For its part, Pan Electoral Reform is what any Mexican citizen wants. participate in internal elections Political parties may do so, to choose their own standard-bearers.

“That now any citizen who wishes to participate in electing a candidate can do so and what we are proposing in the specific case of a coalition is that they are the people registered in the list of political parties which have to be united. There will have to be, as well as a registry that we will order from the National Electoral Institute”, elaborated the federal deputy.

Finally, it establishes the Electoral Amendment proposal as a criminal offense that violates Article 134 of the Mexican ConstitutionWhich indicates that, “If you are a federal, state or municipal government and you are in the middle of an electoral process, you cannot refer to that election.

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will be next Wednesday May 11 of the current year when PAN presents its electoral reform proposal before the Permanent Commission of Congress of the Union. For now, PAN members announced that it will most likely merge with the projects PRI, PRD and Citizen’s Movement (MC).