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what is active retirement

you can continue to work – full or part time – and collect pension Once the retirement age is reached….

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you can continue to work – full or part time – and collect pension Once the retirement age is reached. In 2013, the Royal Decree-Law was introduced, on measures in favor of the continuation of the working life of older workers, including its modalities active retirement,

This figure makes it possible to sum up the job—regardless of salaried or self-employed– while receiving retirement pension. However, the following requirements must be met:


  • 1. One year before the age of retirement. Pension can be used only after one year has passed plus Since the applicable normal retirement age was completed. this is a requirement novelty with effect from 1 January 2022; And this year the normal retirement age has been fixed at 66 years and 2 months when the worker is quoted At least 37 years and 6 months. However, this status is also achieved by contributing 37 years and 6 months or more, and still 65 years old.
  • 2. Reach maximum pension. The percentage applicable to determine the amount of pension should reach 100%, Hence, it is applicable only to those workers who have contributed long enough to reach the pension. complete (Minimum 36 years). Similarly, as per Supreme Court jurisprudence, this requirement must be met at the time when retirement is requested, it is not possible to argue that it will reach Later
  • 3. The job can be done full time or part time. This is one of the characteristics of active retirement, which does not occur with other figures. active pensioner, Also the work you want to develop can be done only in private sector.

Amount of pension in active retirement

The amount of retirement pension has been prescribed for these cases in the extant regulations 50% of the amount which was initially quantified. However, this percentage goes up to 100% if you are self-employed and have a salaried employee. Therefore, active retirement is more profitable For Freelancers.

Although the pension is recalculated annually as established by the current law, 50% of the fee is still charged while it lasts Active retirement status. Similarly, employees will retain the character of pensioners for all purposes, but if they are covered by active retirement, they will not be able to Request complement of the minimum.


social security contribution Change When you enter active retirement. In this case, contributions are made only for temporary disability and professional contingencies. However, it is asolidarity quotes», which is 9% on a contribution basis for general contingencies; And 7% is borne by the employer and 2% by the employee.

other options

You can also be an active pensioner for other modalities, Through partial retirement—in which once the company and employees reach age 60—an agreement is reached so that the contract is part-time, and the pension is reduced Proportional Till the day I work.

On the other hand, retirement flexible This is similar to partial retirement, but a part-time contract may be given with a company other than the one you worked for. moreover self employment activity Retirement is compatible with pension, unless the annual income, as a whole, is exceed Minimum income.

what is active retirement

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