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What illness brought Eduin Kaz to the hospital in an emergency?

Mexico. Eduin Kaz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, Went to the hospital this weekend after feeling bad And then she explained…

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Mexico. Eduin Kaz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, Went to the hospital this weekend after feeling bad And then she explained to her family and fans on her social networks that she was fine and had nothing to worry about.

During the afternoon of last Sunday, Aduin went to the hospital as an emergency when his health deteriorated, As it faded after the second concert presented at the CDMX Soul Forum last Saturday night.

The root cause of his unconsciousness must have been a hiatal hernia which he has suffered for many years and has not been treated for work and other reasons, and he himself revealed this on Instagram as well.

“Those who are my true fans know that I have a chronic hiatal hernia they told me Tomdera had to control it, even cancel it, and that day I completely forgot had gone.”

Eduin found it convenient to explain what was happening with his health, as a series of rumors surfaced that were false. And that’s why the singer of his voice told him what had happened.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico explains on the Internet that a hiatal hernia occurs when “a part of the stomach passes over the diaphragm”, i.e. a part of the stomach swells and comes out of its correct location through an opening. goes. In structure, in this case it is the gap: a hole between the chest and the stomach that allows food to pass into the stomach when eating.

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People suffering from hiatal hernia may experience symptoms such as burning or burning in the abdomen, gas in the form of belching, difficulty in breathing and hoarseness or sensation in the throat, dorsal back pain, so if they feel then they should go to the doctor And the causes of a hiatal hernia can be hereditary or congenital problems.

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