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What happened to Sylvia Pinal in the play “Little Red Hood”

Mexican actress back on stage Sylvia PinalAt the age of 90, he has a lot to talk about. during the…

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Mexican actress back on stage Sylvia PinalAt the age of 90, he has a lot to talk about. during the premiere of The play “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!”seen by the public and the media Patriarch of Pinal Dynasty Thief speech and mobility problems,

Recently, a staged performance was held at the Sylvia Pinal Theater in Mexico City, attended by an event donna chivisostill, Due to health problems, she could not go on stage and moments later, she was thrown out of place in the middle of a scuffle. Which caused entertainment journalists to seek some statements from the so-called “ultimate diva of Mexican cinema”.

In an interview for the show “Sel el Sol” on Imagine Television, the actress Monica Marbon expresses concern for her friend Sylvia Pinalu’s health, He said the famous star of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!” He was deeply saddened by the pictures he saw.

What else would I want other than to be next to her and hug her, and what can I tell them? I am very sorry for what is happening.

Monica Marban It is of the opinion that the relatives of Sylvia Pinal should not expose her like this, “No need, I agree that she wants to be with her audience and go out, but if it’s not the time, it’s not the time, I believe there’s a time for everything.” It happens.”

simultaneously, Criticized Ivan Kochegras, the creator of the above play, He added that both he and those close to the actress insisted that Donna Chivis was “Little Red Hood, what’s up with your grandma!” I am very happy, however, he has not seen her happy at all.

He hinted that Sylvia Pinal’s return to the stage could lead to producer and other interests for Luis Enrique Guzmán., son of Histrionics. “I met him (Evan Kochegras) many years ago in Veracruz, but then as the humidity came and now he’s a great friend of Luis Enrique and his family, and because of his love for his work he did, but I think there are other interests as well”.

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Monica Marbon sent this message to the children of Sylvia Veronica Pascal Hidalgo (real name of film, theater and television actress), “The only thing I want them to do is take care of their mother because she’s not eternal, that they outsmart her.” Take but not to work for a walk.”

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What happened to Sylvia Pinal in the play “Little Red Hood”

2022-05-13 22:40:49