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What happened to her and when did Mexican actress Carmen Salinas die?

Five months after her death and on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Relatives of actress Carmen Salinas hold a mass…

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Five months after her death and on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Relatives of actress Carmen Salinas hold a mass next to the tomb where she restsas well as his son Pedro Plascencia, who is based in Spanish Pantheon in Mexico City, In an interview with several media outlets who attended the scene, his daughter Maria Eugenia Placencia assures that her mother performed in her home,

“It has been difficult for me and for the family,” said Maria Eugenia in the absence of her mother, one of the most beloved and respected film, theater and television actresses in Mexico. “We miss her very much”.

This Mother’s Day was very sad for Maria Eugenia and the whole family, Remembered that on this special date, The tradition of cooking sesame and rice was“He loved celebrating with all of us, it was a very important date for my mom”.

During his interaction with entertainment journalists, Mentioned that his daughter Marisol heard footsteps in the house, “They’ve heard footsteps, my daughter Marisol says, if I have a mother.”

On the other hand, the family is working on a few projects to honor the memory of the former federal deputy and producer of the successful drama “Aventura”, one of them Exhibition of personal belongings of Carmen Salinas, He hopes the exhibition will be ready for October, the month that celebrates the actress’s birth, “and if it doesn’t come, it will be for the sad anniversary, we’re working on that and seeing what happens.” In what museum is it made, a museum where all the people”.

At the end of the mass, everyone present sang the morning Donna Carmelita on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

What happened to him and when did Carmen Salinas die?

Last November, while at his home in Mexico City, Had a brain hemorrhage and went into a natural coma, He was taken to the hospital, where he unfortunately lost his life a month later. couldn’t get up from that deep sleep,

Significantly, that day, when he had a cerebral hemorrhage, he was recording some scenes for the telenovela, “My fortune is to love you.”

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Carmen Salinas-Lozano Died on Thursday 9 December 2021 at the age of 82because of one cardiac arrest when your pressure drops and you have difficulty breathing, His body was cremated and after completing the Novena Mass, his ashes were deposited in the family crypt in the Spanish Pantheon, in accordance with his last wish, along with the remains of his son Pedro Plascencia.

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What happened to her and when did Mexican actress Carmen Salinas die?

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