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What happened on a day like today?

in the world Panchang for this 7th May There are many important examples marking the history of humanity, for example:…

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in the world Panchang for this 7th May There are many important examples marking the history of humanity, for example: in 1945, Germany unconditionally surrendered to the Allies, and the conflict in Europe ended.


1824.- Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” has been premiered in Vienna.

1870.- Cuban patriot Domingo Goicuria is shot in Havana after he was taken prisoner by Spanish authorities when he landed in secret.

1915.- World War I: A German submarine sinks the American ocean liner “Lusitania” in the Irish Sea, killing about 1,200 people. Germany and America broke diplomatic relations.

1921.- Cologne Mayor Konrad Adenauer has been elected President of the Prussian Council of State.

1932.- French President Paul Daumer is assassinated in Paris by a Russian exile.

1943.- World War II: British troops enter Tunisia.

1946.- Sony company is established in Japan, which has 20 employees.

1954.- 50,000 Vietnamese led by Ho Chim Minh seized Dien Bien Phu from the French, thus ending French domination in Indochina.

1973.- The newspaper “The Washington Post” won the Pulitzer Prize for its investigation into the “Watergate scandal”.

1995.-Election France: Neo-Gaullist Jacques Chirac has been elected the fifth President of the Fifth Republic of France against socialist candidate Lionel Jospin.

.- Venezuelan nun Maria de San José Alvarado Cardozo is raised to the altars, becoming the first blessing of this nationality.

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1997.- Intel launched its Pentium II microprocessor.

nineteen ninety eight.- The automobile consortia “Daimler Benz” and “Chrysler” merge, forming the third most important group in the region.

1999.- Pope John Paul II arrived in Romania and became the first pontiff to visit the country with an Orthodox majority since the dispute separating the two churches in 1054.

2001.- In 1963, Ronald Biggs, the great mastermind of the Glasgow train robbery, surrendered to British justice after returning from Brazil.

.- Spain begins immediate regularization of more than 20,000 Ecuadorian immigrants who requested voluntary return to their country to obtain residence and work permits.

2004.- A new civil marriage law allowing divorce has been enacted in Chile.

2008.- Silvio Berlusconi, winner of the election in Italy, agrees to form a fourth government and presents his list of ministers.

2011.- Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa won the referendum to reform justice and regulate the press.

2013.- Brazil’s Roberto Azevado has been elected as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

2015.- The Conservative Party wins the election with an absolute majority in the United Kingdom and David Cameron is renewed as Prime Minister.

2017.- Emmanuel Macron won the second round of the French presidential election against the leader of the National Front, Marine Le Pen.

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2018.- Vladimir Putin takes over his fourth term as head of the Kremlin.

2019.- Ollanta Humala becomes the first former Peruvian dignitary to receive formal charges—seeking 20 years in prison from the prosecutor’s office—for the Odebrecht case.

Who was born on 7th May?

1711.- David Hume, English philosopher.

1812.- Robert Browning, English poet.

1833.- Johannes Brahms, German composer.

1840.- Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Russian composer.

1892.- Josip Broz “Tito”, Yugoslav politician and military man.

1901.- Gary Cooper, American actor.

1919.- Eva Duarte de Peron, former First Lady of Argentina.

1939.- Ruud Lubers, Dutch politician.

1960.- Almudena Grandes, Spanish writer.

1987.- Chiara Ferragni, Italian blogger and influencer.

Who died on 7th May?

1986.- Gaston Deferre, French politician.

1992.- Pedro Gómez Valderrama, Colombian diplomat, politician and author.

2011.- Severiano Ballesteros, Spanish golfer, Prince of Asturias Award for the sport.

2017.- Hugh Thomas, British historian and Hispanist.

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