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What happened on a day like today?

in the world Panchang of this 11th May There are several important examples marking the history of humanity, for example:…

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in the world Panchang of this 11th May There are several important examples marking the history of humanity, for example: in 1544, the expedition of Francisco de Orellana, the first expedition to explore the Amazon, departed from Sanlcar de Barrameda (Cádiz, southern Spain).

On the same date, but in 2019, called by LGTBI activists, the first unauthorized demonstration in Cuba in decades was held in Havana.


1873.- Cuban War. For the independence of his country, Ignacio Agarmonte died in the fields of Jimgueau.

1911.- French aviator and aeronautical constructor Edouard Nieuport set a wind speed record of 120 kilometers per hour.

1927.- In California (USA), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been established in Hollywood.

1941.- second World War. London underwent one of the harshest aerial bombings by Nazi Germany.

1944.- World War II: The Allied invasion of Italy begins.

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1949.- The General Assembly of the United Nations accepts Israel as a member of the United Nations.

1952.- Jose Ramón won the presidential election in Panama.

1960.- Israel’s secret services kidnap Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires.

1976.- The Bolivia’s ambassador to Paris, General Zenteno Anaya, is assassinated by two unidentified persons, possibly related to the Che Guevara International Brigade.

1981.- Costa Rica breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Spain’s José María de Areilza has been elected President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe with an absolute majority.

1984.- Jose Napoleon Duarte has been officially declared the President of El Salvador.

1985.- 53 people are killed in a tribune fire at the Bradford City soccer ground in the north of England.

1992.- General Fidel Ramos won the presidential election in the Philippines.

1995.- 178 signatory countries to the United Nations extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) indefinitely.

1996.- Eight climbers killed by blizzard while climbing Everest. Two more deaths occurred in the days that followed.

1997.- Deep Blue Computer defeated Professional Chess Federation (PCA) world champion, Russian Garry Kasparov in 19 moves after a very serious mistake by him.

nineteen ninety eight.- India resumed its nuclear tests after 25 years, with three explosions underground in the Pokhran desert.

2010.- David Cameron has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following the Conservative Party’s electoral victory.

103 people were killed when a plane from Johannesburg to Libyan company Afriqiyah Airways crashed at Tripoli airport. Only a nine-year-old Dutch boy survived.

2011.- Europe signed its first law on sexist violence.

2018.- Italian justice removes the political disqualification of Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian prime minister and leader of Forza Italia.

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2019.- Called by LGTBI activists, the first unauthorized demonstration in Cuba in decades has been held in Havana.

Singer Julio Iglesias grew his legend by receiving an honorary Grammy in recognition of his successful career.

Who was born on 11th May?

1888.- Irving Berlin, American composer.

1904.- Salvador Dali, Spanish painter.

1916.- Camilo José Cela, Spanish author, Nobel Prize 1989.

1928.- Marco Ferreri, Director of Cinema, Italian.

1932.- Valentino Garavani, “Valentino”, Italian designer.

– Francisco Umbral, Spanish writer.

1942.- Irene of Greece, Greek princess, sister of Queen Sofia of Spain.

1978.- Leticia Casta, French model and actress.

1984.- Andres Iniesta, Spanish football player.

1992.- Thibaut Courtois, Belgium goalkeeper.

Who died on 11th May?

1881.- Henri Friedrich Emil, Swiss writer.

1927.- Juan Gris (Victoriano González), Spanish painter.

1946.- Pedro Henriquez Urena, Dominican writer.

1960.- John D. Rockefeller Jr., American industrialist, successor to his famous father.

1981.- Bob Marley, Jamaican musician.

1988.- Harold Philby, famous Anglo-Soviet spy.

2002.- Joseph Bonanno, “Joe Bananas”, American Mafia Boss.

2003.- Jose Manuel Lara Hernandez, founder of Spanish publisher Planeta.