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What can Spain achieve if Chanel wins Eurovision?

tonight, Channel Spain played more than a role in the festival of Eurovision from Turin. A Spanish song for the…

By admin , in news , at May 14, 2022

tonight, Channel Spain played more than a role in the festival of Eurovision from Turin. A Spanish song for the first time in many years –slomo– Run as one of the favourites. The pressure increases manifold. The Cuban-born actress, singer and dancer defends a topic that has been mired in controversy from the very first minute. Perhaps for this reason, the channel better defends the song chosen to represent Spain. A lot depends on their voice and their staging, not just the pride of a country being treated unfairly after the festival.

Spain has a lot to gain from an economic point of view. There will be a double reward for the victory of the channel. respect of Spanish representation, and Opportunity to host a spirited festival in 2023 Worldwide.

More than 60,000 people in a single city

It is true that it costs a lot to organize a big event. Portugal spent 22 million euros in 2018, an investment that the country made more than profitable. heavy arrival 54.000 eurofan3,000 professionals, 1600 journalists, 500 blogger And delegations from 43 countries left more than 100 million euros in Lisbon. But accounting for the biggest gains is far more difficult. Since the celebration of the Eurovision party, tourism in the Portuguese capital has exploded. Such was the awakening of Lisbon, which became the favorite destination after 2018 business tripAhead of other Iberian capitals like Madrid or Barcelona.

«Portugal took advantage of the festival to remake and project a modern image of the country and the city. And it captivates the audience,” he says. cello morilloProfessora de EAE Business School.

Now, the window opens for Spain. The celebration of the event will be an important moment for our tourism. sector is nearing completion a rally Which has brought them to the doorstep of pre-pandemic figures, and the festival is a perfect showcase Redesign the image we want to project After the reconfiguration due to covid.

To find an example – to the inside of the borders – we have to go back a few years. The Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games were a turning point for Barcelona. «There was a photographic exhibition that entered the living room of everyone who followed him around the world. You have to take advantage of that bridge,” Morillo says.

Madrid and Barcelona, ​​great options

In the event of Spain winning, our country will have to choose the most suitable city to host the celebration. EAE Business School professor confirms that the best option would be a city Well connected and with enough capacity How to host this event. «It should have an attractive offer of tourism, gastronomy, connection location, transport. And the most famous here will be between Barcelona and Madrid, no doubt”, he confessed.

The other large cities associated with them would benefit from the designation of Madrid or Barcelona. Seville or Valencia—in the case of the Spanish capital—could play an important role during the celebration of the festival. The options are huge, now only 53 years after the last victory there is still room to win.

What can Spain achieve if Chanel wins Eurovision?

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