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What are the characteristics of ahuhute?

Mexico. – Ahuhute was chosen by the population of Mexico City To replace the iconic palm tree paseo de la…

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Mexico. – Ahuhute was chosen by the population of Mexico City To replace the iconic palm tree paseo de la reformaBut do you know what is its specialty? In this note we will tell you.

One of the most outstanding features of ahuehuete is its height, as it measures around 40 meters high, In addition, it has a very thick proboscis, grayish-brown bark broken into long strips, with a rounded crown and leaves up to 2 cm long in two opposite rows on short twigs, they range from 20 to 60 pairs. seem together. small leaves.

Also, ahuhute, whose scientific name is Taxodium mucronatumHas bluish-green to brown fragrant cones, females are spherical up to 3 cm long and males are smaller.

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This sample. is native to the territories of Mexico and GuatemalaIts longevity characteristic is highly appreciated by the ancient inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico, where it is commonly grown to decorate royal gardens.

Meanwhile, ahuehuete is also known as Mexican cypress. This sample was obtained in 1921. Distinction of the “National Tree of Mexico”This is due to its great distribution throughout the Mexican Republic.

The longevity of the ahuhute means that there are specimens in Mexico that are as old as 2,000 years, such as Santa Maria del TuleIn the state of Oaxaca, whose life is more than 2 centuries.

L. Taxodium mucronatum everlastingThat is, like other trees such as birch, pine and eucalyptus, it does not lose its leaves at any time of the year. This species is ranked among the most striking evergreen trees.

ahuhute It breeds especially in areas where there is a lot of water.Like near rivers and streams, which is why they give it the nickname “old water tree”, so it needs good hydration to stay healthy and strong, although there is evidence that it can survive the great drought. Can withstand the weather.

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The seeds of this Mexican specimen, which can also be found Texas and parts of SpainThere are small seeds that are 8 to 9 millimeters thick, which are triangular in shape, ranging in color from red to dark brown.

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