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What are the benefits offered by RESICO

New changes implemented in this 2022 miscellaneous taxAmong those that were approved at the end of last year was a…

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New changes implemented in this 2022 miscellaneous taxAmong those that were approved at the end of last year was a new way of paying taxes under a new system, now known as the Simplified Trust Arrangement (Recico)… but How does it work and what are its benefits?

As per the information shared by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), this new system has been made for Simplifying taxpayer proceduresAside from demonstrating that compliance with treasuries doesn’t always have to be that complicated.

simplified belief system This would be for both natural and legal persons, and has the benefits of lower rates. Income Tax (ISR) So that the deceased can pay their taxes quickly and efficiently. In such a situation, it is demanded that more and more taxpayers should be involved in the formality.

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in the matter of physical personThey will always be able to pay taxes under this regime, as long as their income does not exceed 3.5 million pesos per year and doing any of the following activities:

  • business and professional
  • tax incorporation system
  • use or enjoyment of immovable property (lease)
  • agriculture, livestock, fishing or forestry

when moral people Those who want to change this arrangement to pay taxes in this way should have an income which does not exceed 35 million pesos per year And that the partners they have are natural people.

Benefits of Resico

in the matter of physical personmain advantage is Reduction in income tax rates that must be paid, Thus, depending on their income, the ISR rate to be paid is between 1 and 2.5 percent.

For moral people, Taxation will be in cash flow, i.e. for computing tax, only income and expenses that are actually received or generatedUnlike normal, in which invoice income and expenses are accumulated, regardless of whether they are actually physical or not.

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“The so-called utility coefficient will no longer be used because the same thing will not always happen in an exercise as in the previous one, i.e. the income will not necessarily be nor the expenditure will be there; in some economic sectors the situation is unstable, which is more than a year. This leads to completely different scenarios by the next year. In short, the utility coefficient decreases liquidity from companies,” the tax authority said.

He also told that incentives will be given for this. Investing through Percentage Growth To credit investments annually, unless they exceed 3 million pesos.

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