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What are the benefits of ahuhute?

Mexico. – After the announcement that ahuhute would be the tree that . will replace the iconic palm tree of…

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Mexico. – After the announcement that ahuhute would be the tree that . will replace the iconic palm tree of Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, The search for this species has intensified. In this note we will tell you what are benefits of ahuhute,

Taxodium mucronatum is the scientific name for the specimen that won a citizen consultation held in Mexico City through which a tree to replace the palm tree was chosen.

Apart from the fact that it is a majestic tree, because it can reach up to 40 meters highahuehuete has medicinal properties, as do many plants and trees found in the national territory of Mexico.

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Among the medicinal properties of ahuhute is the fact that its Resin can heal ulcersAlong with this, some skin diseases and wounds are also formed in it.

In addition, the bark of this tree, native to Mexico and Guatemala, is used for a . is done as diureticThat is, it is used as a substance to remove water and electrolytes from the body through urine.

In addition, ahuehuete helps Treat Headache, Toothache And even, it is helpful in rheumatic affection. In addition, there are people who use it to relieve the symptoms caused by menstruation,

For its part, this tree also helps in cases of heart failure, in particular, mitral. In addition, it is used to treat passive and pulmonary congestion, as well as inflammation. kidney,

Ahuhute gained the distinction of “National Tree of Mexico” in 1921, due to its great distribution throughout the national territory, characterized by its great longevity and the “spiritual” qualities attributed to it.

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Overall, what does this have to do with the most commonly referred property for ahuehuete? spiritual value Which is provided to them by the population of Mexico, as magical and esoteric beliefs are conceived around them. Many people claim that this specimen has a magical energy, so they often visit these trees to offer flowers as a sign of respect for these beliefs.

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