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We take care of gang members too, they are human

Mexico.- President AMLO assured that his government should also take care of the members of criminal gangs, as they are…

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Mexico.- President AMLO assured that his government should also take care of the members of criminal gangs, as they are human beings And the armed forces must avoid confrontation after a video in which elements of the Mexican military are persecuted by armed civilians in Michoacan.

On May 12, 2022 in La Maneira, President Andres Manuel López Obrador talks about the incident in which Soldiers “chased” by an armed commando in Nueva Italia, MichoacaniNational level sparks of outrage and criticism against the government.

In this regard, AMLO affirmed that the soldiers acted in this way to avoid bloodshed, although their opponents allege that they were humiliated by organized crime, as their government had Armed forces prioritize intelligence work about the use of violence.

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,we changeand both the Ministry of Defense and the Navy and the National Guard They have training to avoid confrontation and use more of that intelligence Compared to force,” AMLO described the military’s persecution in Michoacán.

To debate his statements, the President displayed a graph of sedna Where the level of lethality of the military is shown from the “War on Drug Trafficking” by former President Felipe Calderon.

According to the image, the highest peak of fatality was in 2011, when 1,127 clashes between soldiers and alleged criminals were recorded, killing a total of 1,412 people.

AMLO criticized that before Armed forces were instructed to deal with criminals with violence regardless of human rights, but that changed with his governmentWhere the lives of members of organized crime are also taken care of.

“They said to the officers of the army, navy, ‘You do your job and we take care of human rights,’ that also changed as we changed the armed forces of the National Guard, elements of defense, but We take care of gang members too, they are human“, sentenced AMLO.

“Before it was different. The conflicts were continuous and the lives of alleged criminals, civilians and soldiers and sailors were lost. And those at the top didn’t care, because it’s too easy to say ’emphasis on authority’, ‘my hand won’t move’, that’s what they said when life was in the hands of others,” the president added, criticizing previous governments.

The AMLO displays the dead left by Calderon’s war against the Norcos. Image: Sedena

President López Obrador assured that the head of Sedena, Luis Crescencio Sandoval will provide an explanation of the results of the operation performed after Persecution of soldiers in Nueva Italia, MichoacaniBecause after what happened, 300 or 400 soldiers were deployed, although “collision, murder, death were avoided.”

It should be noted that in that area of ​​the municipality of Mgica in Michoacán, there are methamphetamine-producing laboratories that Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) Traffic for the United States. The cartel led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka “El Mencho”, is believed to be responsible for the incident against the soldiers.

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In a video circulated on social networks, a group of soldiers in a Sedena van are seen being chased by armed civilians who, amid humiliation and ridicule, force them to leave a checkpoint built in the vicinity of Nueva Italia .

Newspaper on Thursday 12 May remodeling disclosed that he allegedly CJNG suspends deployment of military operations in MichoacaniStates plagued by disputes between drug trafficking groups, particularly the CJNG and Cartel Unidos.

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We take care of gang members too, they are human

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