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“We need to remove political barriers,” says carrier about Mexico and US

“We are aware of these problems. In June we will try to close some agreements in this area in one…

By admin , in news , at May 23, 2022

“We are aware of these problems. In June we will try to close some agreements in this area in one forum; North America is one of the regions with the most complex approaches, we need to come up with some solutions.” Expansion International Transport Forum (ITF) during 2022.

The IRU warning comes weeks after a series of roadblocks caused by careful oversight at the Texas border with Mexico, which was promoted by Governor Greg Abbott in response to the possible elimination of Title 42, a measure that allowed deportation migrant express which originated as one. Health control in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carriers are also concerned about new closures in centers of strong commercial activity in Asia that have been implemented to combat new outbreaks of COVID-19, and thereby further impact on maritime and commercial transport. There may be pressure, which in turn has put pressure on the prices of the once goods due to their slow transit and even scarcity.

“There are new obstacles coming to Europe in three or four weeks because of the Shanghai shutdown, and suddenly we have to handle huge amounts,” says Dinescu. “Perhaps after the pandemic we will see more diversification of transport, as it is currently in the hands of the big players, but because of its resilience we need more regional transport.”

The carriers’ association also talked about the lack of ultra-low sulfur fuel (or DUBA) required to comply with NOM-044, which went into effect earlier this year, and which, among other items, only allowed Allows the production and import of transport units with Euro VI / EPA 10 technology engines, which require this type of fuel.

“Our colleagues in Mexico tell us that there are some problems with the quality of diesel, it is not what it should be, such as is required for bus engines with Euro VI technology. So basically you are not using the full potential of the technology. can do.”