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Was there a romance between Blanca Guerra and Vicente Fernandez?

Mexico. Mexican actress Blanca Guerra gives her opinion about her alleged appearance in the Vicente Fernandez bioseries And which would…

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Mexico. Mexican actress Blanca Guerra gives her opinion about her alleged appearance in the Vicente Fernandez bioseries And which would imply that between him and her they were more than friends.

Blanca Guerra and the late singer Vicente Fernandez filmed several films together and They would have had an affair because of their employment relationship, Some media outlets have commented and would also imply the series “El Charro de Huntitan”.

It is remarked in the series that Blanca Guerra’s name will not be called, but will be a reference to the alleged romance she may have had with Don Vicente when they worked together in famous films and it is also believed that She was his favorite actress.

According to a report by several news portals, Mrs Guerra, originally from CDMX and who is 69 years old, told the press that everything is a mistake, as there was only one great friendship between her and Mr. Fernandez.

Blanca Guerra is quoted as saying, “They are wrong, not at all, they are completely wrong, they do what they want and the truth is it makes me laugh and I don’t care, it’s over, We were partners.”

In Vicente Fernández’s bioseries, The Last King, produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa, it is actress Vanessa Arias, who is believed to play Blanca Guerra, and in the Aztec Uno program, Ventanando, he portrays her pointing to and they think that in some episode they would imply that the two actors were a couple.

The second season of The Last King: The Son of the People, an unofficial bioseries by Vicente Fernandez written by Olga Vornat, will premiere on Televisa Channel 2 on May 16 at 9:30 pm.

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In this second season, the series covers topics such as Vicente’s infidelity to his wife Cuquita with actress Patricia Rivera, also starring Pablo Monteiro and Salvador Sánchez, Ileana Fox, Emilio Osorio, Vince Miranda, Ivan Arana and Angelica. . Aragon.

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