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war games. Whereas, in America…

As all attention to the war in Ukraine is focused on Europe, it would be worth taking a little effort…

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As all attention to the war in Ukraine is focused on Europe, it would be worth taking a little effort to look at the US and understand that the United States is losing geopolitics, national security, and influence in the Ibero-American and Caribbean region.

In the context of US initiatives to lift the US geopolitical threads, President Joseph Biden held a global democracy summit in December and is preparing to lead a ninth US summit in June. Although the priority agenda has focused on drug trafficking and democracy, a third issue has been put forward in a very compelling way: unite countries that accept US tax leadership and place their governments in the White House in the context of democracy. Submit rating.

At least seven Ibero-American countries have not been invited to the summit, which would have to institutionally bring all countries together without proving their democratic status from the American point of view because those governments are, in American opinion, an adversary. constitutes a populist profile. Democratic and authoritarian nature. However, the White House is deeply concerned about those governments’ relations with Russia, China and Iran.

In the geopolitical game, Mexico has replaced the old US imperialist approach. Last Friday, April 29, Mexican President López Obrador took two strategic steps for President Biden in a telephone conversation: he said no country should be excluded from the summit and removed the issue of obligation that the United States had. calls on his American allies to join. for sanctions against the Putin government. Because of its physical border with the United States, because of its centuries-old nationalism, and because it participates in the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico has, at least compared to previous presidents, relative in expressing opinions outside of American interests. There is autonomy, from Salinas de. From Gortari to Pea Nieto, he didn’t have the courage to exercise.

US governments have been royal in their relations with Latin American and Caribbean countries, some more or less the same, but all have regarded the area south of the Rio Grande as the backyard of the White House. However, there are styles to styles: Democratic presidents have been less reckless and aggressive than their Republican counterparts. After four years of intolerance and aggression by President Donald Trump, Biden’s personal style doesn’t know how to impose his will on his neighbors.

After nearly 30 years of neglect and the lack of presidencies of Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama and Trump, the war in Ukraine has not been used by the White House as a mechanism of strategic reconciliation in the context of US national security. The Soviets were not able to articulate the point of reference of the Cold War of the past and the Ibero-American alliances around the threat of drug trafficking and terrorism to the United States and not to regional countries.

In recent years, American neglect of Ibero-America allowed relative autonomy for the configuration of governments based on their own needs, particularly those that had to do with governments closer to the people and with populist-welfare policies. , which have generally shaped the nationalist profile. Ibero-American Society.

The United States has lacked a rethinking of its national security strategy in the region and is currently mired in contradictions that lack reflection and answers. For example, President Biden did not invite the Central American presidents of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the so-called Northern Triangle, to a US summit, and the justification was based on the fact that they were populist governments, anti-American and above all organized. suspected to be directly related to the crime. But paradoxically, the White House promised Mexico to develop an economic aid program for the Central American countries that are today the most important source of contributions for migrants who want to enter the United States without legal border controls.

And President Biden’s decision to “pardon” all the mistreatment of Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan government for a need for American oil that cannot come from Europe remains under debate. Biden changed his speech towards Venezuela, but he did not know how to convince his entire national security apparatus that he was committed to overthrowing the Maduro government.

The US summit seeks to be used by President Biden as a turning point for the resumption of at least two national security strategies: reconciliation that makes it possible to turn Russia into the new historical enemy of Ibero-America and the US. The use of style democracy as a point of regional identity is trying to reproduce the old binary spirit of the Cold War between communism and Western democracy.

Although Ibero-America would not be a serious strategic problem for the United States, there would be disagreements over the issues of sanctions against Russia and Ibero-American populist democracy that undermines White House political influence in American territory. In this sense, the June summit will outline the margins of maneuver in the complex Ibero-American and Caribbean region of the United States, as these countries have assumed relative autonomy over the years away from the White House.

And there is still no solid evidence to indicate whether Ibero-America has a genuine stream of sympathetic and strategic ties with Putin’s Russia, as was the case when Marxists existed that at least stoked Soviet sentiment. Ibero-American and was maintained in the Caribbean. Area.
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