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Wait sweet! Isabel Macedo reveals how Belita prepares for her sister’s birth – People Online

Actress premiering in all theatres.“Franklin: The Story of a Ticket”A film he shared with Sofia Gala and German Palacios spoke…

By admin , in news , at May 19, 2022

Actress premiering in all theatres.“Franklin: The Story of a Ticket”A film he shared with Sofia Gala and German Palacios spoke exclusively with people About the assembled family that he created with the birth of Juan Manuel Urtube, his daughter Belita, and his second daughter.

A few weeks after giving birth to a new member of the family – whose name she did not wish to reveal – Isabel Macedo described how the birth would take place and how Isabelita (4), her eldest daughter, prepares to welcome her sister: ,We don’t know if it will be a natural birth, hopefully yes,

The actress and former governor of Salta created a blended family With his four sons – Mark (31), Luke (24), Matthew (21) and Juana (18) -, little Belita And now with the arrival of your next girl. ,The family we built with Juan Manuel was a construction, because he already had four children, and for me that construction was based on love.”,

Settled in Salta since her marriage to the politician in 2016, she made it clear that family is the most important thing to her: “Things are not given for free, nor are there. One thing that someone does for me is when you give love, when you listen … For example, I think his boys (Urtubay) know that It is very important to me that we all be together as a team, That’s what matters to me”,

How Belita waits for her sister to come

Belita Urtube He was born on May 7, 2018 in the province of Salta, where he currently lives with his parents, his maternal grandmother and his brothers. The girl has a lot of characters, and her mother often shares her funny events through social networks, where she already accumulates her fans.

-How does your daughter Isabel expect her younger sister to come?

-Belita is crazy, it’s a bit like rating: minute by minute it changes (she laughs). For now, whatever she says will be for her sister, she says she’s even going to lend him her favorite toy, which is a bear she can’t take anymore, it’s all dilapidated. And I live by sewing because she doesn’t want anything else (laughs). When she was born they gave her a lot which I later gave to all of them, poor one, whoever comes will have only two pajamas (laughs).

It’s good to instill in the boys this idea of ​​donating their things when they don’t use them anymore…

-Completely! I’m not going to lie to you that once a month I make different clothes or toys for him so that he understands that there are people who need it more than him. If you have one to two things, I want you to keep only one. I want it to be measured like mine. I realized that it is not difficult for him to let go of things, the only thing that does not let go is the bear (laughs).

Belita has a lot of personality, if she asks you if she wants to devote herself to acting, will you leave her?

-Yes of course. I used to go with her a lot, the only thing that matters most to me now is that she understands that some things are very important. If you see someone crying, come closer. I see that she has a really lovely personality, that she always thinks of others. What matters the most about him to me is that he is a good person. . more information on



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