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Violence and Misinformation in Mazamitla: “The Government Lies”

Guadalajara Jalisco. ,State government lied to us”, declared researcher and member of Security and Justice Observatory University of Guadalajara (UdeG),…

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Guadalajara Jalisco. ,State government lied to us”, declared researcher and member of Security and Justice Observatory University of Guadalajara (UdeG), Rubén Ortega Montes, About “shielding” which is supposed to be on the borders For Jalisco’s issue of organized crime.

Ortega Montes explained that with acts of violence which were recorded last May 1st Majamitla Magical TownIt was clear that the announcements by the governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, about the alleged increased security along the border with Michoacán, were not reality.

Regarding the municipality, this Friday the media like Reforma Agency reported Presence of banners containing contextual messages among organized crime cellsWhich will show the stress experienced by its residents with the amount of information presented to them and misinformation.

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These blankets have yet to be confirmed or denied by security officials, however, it is propaganda residents of that serious things The lack of communication that exists, above all, between government agencies, is detected by the expert.

“The insecurity should be addressed more seriously by the Jalisco government led by Enrique Alfaro and refrained from promoting propaganda, as the version given in Mazamitla cause alarm in the population”, referred the UdeG professor.

At least three moments were highlighted where misinformation was more notable in the May 1 incident, which resulted in the death of at least three people, more than thousand casing insurance and secure armored doors; Burnt cars and people are scared.

first city president George Magana, used its social network to ask the population of Mazamitla not to leave their homes. then this was the area social communication The state government announced three highway blockades due to violence between armed civilians.

The next day, Alfaro Ramirez Denied the existence of such barriers The next day, however, hours before the said announcements, Ortega Montes points out, FE issued another bulletin that mentioned not only three, but four blockades. In other words, the two different areas of his administration and the governor himself contradicted each other in figures.

Lacking the ability to react during acts of violence, the professor said, “the governor was not telling the truth when he said that the borders were armoured, that all these municipalities on the border with Michoacán were armoured.”

The border area between Michoacán and the state of Jalisco is the scene of a series of disputes between alleged members of organized crime since last February, when 11 people were executed. Saint Joseph of GraceMichoacan.

These facts relate to the alleged betrayal between members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and their allies “Pajaros Sierra”, led by Ernesto Muscorro, aka “El Chaparro”, even That the alleged blankets that circulate in the network would be linked to these facts.

“If people firing a thousand bullets can turn around … and set vehicles on fire, take away freedom of transit …Then the state government lied to us that should coordinate (monitor) operations with municipal and federal authorities”, criticized the expert.

Narcomanta appears in Mazamitla

With reference to the violence existing in the South-Eastern region of the State and particularly in Majmitla, two narcomantas were located by officials this morning magic town,

The canvas was signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and a cell of the same organization that calls itself mencho special force (FEM).

The text reiterates that the conflict is not against the inhabitants of Mazamitla, but with a group called the Pajaros Sierra, which is believed to be led by Ernesto Muscorro, aka “El Chaparro”and whose members were his allies.

Authorities believe that the blankets were kept by “hawks” who work in Magical Town and who have not been present on the streets in recent times despite police presence.

Sunday’s violence in Majmitla, when three people were gunned down and vehicles set on fire, is part of a confrontation between the CJNG and its former allies.

According to FEM, the Sierra Birds were responsible for the massacre in late February in San Jose de Gracia, a community in the municipality. Castilian Marcosin Michoacan.

In that event, recorded on 27 February, Alejandro García, “El Pellón”, identified by the Federation Head of CJNG Plaza In an area that runs from Tizapan El Alto to Mazamitla.

The alleged perpetrator would have been Abel Alcantar Vallejo, aka “El Toro” or “El Sierra 8”, who would also have been the leader of the Sierra Birds.

“El Pellone” and “El Toro” have known each other since 2010When he was a member of La Familia Michoacana and later Los Caballeros Templarios.

Later both joined CJNG. In 2021, however, he began are mutual signs which cites betrayal.

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Violence has intensified in the southeastern region of Jalisco since the incident in San Jose.

On March 14, members of the FEM released a video of the threats in which they referred to seven other men, including “El Chapro” and “El Toro”.

This is how tourists protected themselves during the shooting in Majamitla, Jalisco