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Venezuelan singer Nitta premieres her new single “420”

Venezuelan singer Ana Maria Abreubetter known in the world of music Nitathrow your New Song “420”, following the great acceptance…

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Venezuelan singer Ana Maria Abreubetter known in the world of music Nitathrow your New Song “420”, following the great acceptance of their previous single “Nothing Ain’t the Same”. Both the songs of the young artist and others are available on various digital music platforms.

“420”, Nitta’s newest, is a song that she herself describes as “completely different material”. Mexico ranks second in its audience on digital platformsThe songwriter also mentioned, “So we are preparing for a tour to meet the fans and thank them for their support.”

Drill is one of those rhythms we can find in “420”A song composed by Nitta and QT, with Dash and Nano Moreno in charge of production.

I hope this is a song that will be loved by the masses, as it is completely different from ‘Nothing is the More’ which was a lot more romantic pop.

The music video for “420” is; It was recorded in a studio in the city of Miami, Florida, United States. Darrell Mustelier was in charge of production and direction. Notably, Nitta was also part of the management team on this project. “Being a new theme, we also wanted to give it a different touch to the scene, so six models supported us during the shoot.”

Nitta is already Prepare for your tour of Mexico and Medellin, Colombia, “I am a fan of many artists such as Vicente Fernandez, Juliet Venegas, Luis Miguel and Juan Gabriel, so I consider myself almost Mexican because of their influence. In addition, my music is second on the list of followers. Occupied by Mexicans That’s why there can be no better way to thank all the love for me.”

Ana María Abreu was born in Venezuela and currently lives in the United States. Since she was young, she discovered her passion for music, which is influenced by her father, a Venezuelan folk music artist, “I used to watch my father compose songs, so I would like to do the same. wanted.”

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His hits include “Que Loco”, “Muchacha”, “To Ya Yo”, “Alone”, “Neither X Ti nor X Koi”, “Mom and Daddy” and “Nothing Is the More”.

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